Land of the Giants

Season 2 Episode 24

Wild Journey

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Mar 08, 1970 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Steve and Dan's hairstyles are noticeably different in the clips used from the pilot episode.

    • Trivia: The original ship that was to make the trip was called the Shamrock.

    • Instead of acting like a jerk and stealing their STM, why doesn't Steve just ask Thorg and Berna to teleport everyone back to Earth in the present? All they ever say is that they can't alter "history". There seems to be no reason they can't alter the "present". But if the "present" is their history, then they kill a giant guard which presumably violates their mandate too.

    • So Berna and Thorg aren't Earthlings, and they're not giants. Who are they?

    • Miss Collier seems oddly unconcerned about the fact that Steve threw a chair through her window!

    • Presumably the original timeline remained unchanged. But wouldn't anyone have ever mentioned how Steve and Dan prophesied the crash in the new timeline? Or does that just not make much difference?

    • The temporal "physics" aren't clear here. In the original timeline, what occurred that forced the airport to use Spindrift instead of Shamrock? Here it is implied that Steve's own intervention triggered the use of Spindrift...but that didn't occur originally. And so on.

    • Steve says he is going to sabotage all the ships: it isn't clear why he ignores/forgets the Spindrift.

    • So what happened to the original Dan and Steve? Presumably they were "displaced" in some manner, but this isn't made very clear, and it doesn't seem like the same rules apply to Thorg and Berna.

    • Dan takes forever to get involved in the fight when Steve attacks Thorg at the airport.

    • After the giant and his dog spot Thorg and the dog picks him up, Thorg is teleported back to the same spot where he was picked up the first time. Why can't the giant see him when he's in the same place as before?

    • Steve identifies their date of departure as September 25, 1983. In the pilot episode, the date is noted on-screen as June 16, 1983.

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  • Notes

    • Steve gives LA airport's coordinates as 34 degrees-3 minutes-15 seconds north, and 118 degrees-14 minutes-28 seconds west. This is actually fairly accurate. (So why the heck couldn't they look up the original crash date and get it right?!?)

    • The Spindrift exterior is not seen in this episode, and the interior shots are simply reused footage from the pilot episode.

    • Series regular Stefan Arngrim is not in this episode. During the scenes in the VIP lounge in the past, a stand-in closer to Arngrim's original height is tucked away behind the other passengers so as to not be identifiable. Arngrim had grown about a foot since the premiere episode two years' earlier. The footage of him in the ship's cabin is from the original episode - not a reshoot.

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