Land of the Lost (1991)

ABC (ended 1992)


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  • Not as creative as the original series, but it is fun for the family and the special effects are better then the original.

    This is a mixed review. I loved the original series. The orignal series had the The Land of the Lost as a bizarre and mysterious enclosed universe with mysteries to solve and unravel. Mysterious pylons and skylons, messages written on the wall to beware the mysterious sleestak. This revamped series had none of that mystery. But it is good clean family fun. The special effects are definately an improvement over the original. But other returning elements are not as good:

    Paku - Monkey Boy Stink is just a bafoon idiot clown in the new one compared to Chaka the Pakuni in the original. He speaks broken english immediately. In the original, Chaka learned English over time, but still never mastered it. And he spoke a real Pakuni language in the original. Nothing like that realism in the new one.

    Sleestak - We only see 3 banished Sleestak in the new one, and they are the bad guys. We never see the others that banished them. They are mean, and they talk, but they are idiots. In the original, only 1 spoke, the others just hissed and were pretty scary. The original had a sad mysterious history of the once proud race reduced to hissing bad guys living in a Lost City and up to something. In the new one, they have a power sword that gives them control over people and they just want to give the humans a hard time. No mystery.

    Pet Dinosaur - in the original, Dopy the baby brontosauraus is the dino that follows the kids home. In the new one it's a 2 legged dino (don't know the species) named Tasha that comes home. It basically becomes the family pet and understands English pretty well and needs constant babysitting.

    Other Dinos - in most cases, these are the same in both series except different names. Scareface the T-Rex in the new one replaces Grumpy the T-Rex in the old one, etc.

    The family - Dad, son and daughter in both old and new. The Marshall family is replaced by the Porter family. The Marshalls were more of a survivalist family living with bare minimum. The Porters had practically all the luxeries of the real world. Lost of clothes, bikes, a car with a bottomless gas tank that never needed to be refilled. Batteries in their video cameras and walk-men that never seemed to burn out. Why go back home? They were on an extended camping trip with some extra adventure.

    New additions include Christa the "jungle girl". Who was from our world but was trapped in the Land of the Lost as a little girl and made her home here with vague memories of life before hand. Now I know there are many out there that grew up watching this new series...never knowing a previous one existed...and they loved this show. So it was good family fun that people could like and have fond memories of 16 years later. So if you have the chance to check it out, do so. The comparisons to the original will always be there, but it's still a good show.

    There is supposed to be a movie in the works...we will see how that comes out.

    This series was ony around for 2 seasons. It only had 13 episodes each season. This is about half of what a normal TV season had. Much less then the original too.

    And the last comparison...the original has been released on DVD. This series has not. They did release 12 episodes from the first season on VHS at one time, and did have toys out there. These are all now collector items.
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