Land of the Lost

Season 3 Episode 9

Abominable Snowman

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Nov 06, 1976 on NBC

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  • episode 39 abominable snowman. did i say medusa was the worst episode because maby i spoke too soon.

    ok i didnt write this episode so its not my fault. will and jack find a unicorn and give it to holly for her birthday. yes i said unicorn wait it gets worse. holly and chaka go to water the horned beast and as they are leaving enik shows up and is pretty mad. he says they need to get rid of her new pet because it is the food of chapa. while watering "corney" chaka and holly look away for a second and it dissapears. enik shows up and tells them not to follow because chappa is dangerous but the kids follow anyway. they come to a gorge with a tree across it. they cross but the tree falls in the valley. will and jack find enik and he tells them where the kids went and they follow. holly and chaka find corney but nearby is chappa an angry yeti. will and jack follow the tracks to the gorge and make a grappling hook out of antlers ( where did they get antlers? i dont know. ) jack crosses the gorge on the rope and on the way across we see jack is wearing a wedding ring. what? my guess ron harper forgot to take his ring off. i will look more closley in the future to see what the deal is. so they all escape with corny in tow and chapa is stuck in his territory forever. thank god both that we never have to see him again and that its the end of another bad episode.