Land of the Lost

Season 3 Episode 11

Ancient Guardian

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Nov 20, 1976 on NBC

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  • episode 41 ancient guardian. the snowman shows back up in this one but a clever story makes it an ok episode.

    ok this episode starts off with will, holly and jack running from what they think is sleestak. good start usually the most exciting parts of the show they r running so why not start the show off that way. they find a wooden statue of a sleestak with some strange symbols on it but grumpy shows up so naturally they take it back to camp. what, um ok anyway. when they get home chaka sees it and says "it sleestak thing very bad" since it bothers chaka they leave it outside and go to sleep. i did notice in this scene they had a candle on the table. where did they get a candle? remember when everything they owned was camping gear and stuff made out of bamboo? so while they r sleeping the abominable snowman comes through a passage way near where they took the statue. he runs wild through the sleestak caves until enik finally shoots him with a green lazer shot out of a crystal. what? anyway enik calls it kona and he and the sleestak go ask the old ones ( the white talking skull in thier library ) what to do. the answer, the humans have stolen the ancient guardian and it needs to be replaced. in the dead of night the sleestak take the statue back and run off. the next morning the marshalls wake up to find the statue gone and enik shows off and tells them never to mess with it again and that the sleestak are pissed. after enik leaves the family decides to go back and try to decifer the symblos on the statue. when they get there enik shows up and tells them it keeps kona away but kona comes through the cavern anyway; knocks the statue down and breaks one arm off. enik rushes off to warn the sleestak and the marshalls take the statue home again. why not the sleestak have been threating them for 40 episodes and havent hurt them yet. right? kona again goes rampaging through the sleestak caves only this time he finds thier egg chamber. he drinks one of thier eggs ( yucky ) takes 2 more and runs off. jack tries to figure the symbols out by writing them on a slate and when the statue is turned into the sun heat beams shoot from its eyes and starts a fire. holly looks at the slate and realizes its an algebra equasion and jack says its an optics equasion. back in the caves the talking skull says since the guardian is broken the sleestak are doomed so they might as well kill the marshalls. jack figures out that the statue is a solar energy machine and just then the stak show up and try to grab everyone. would have been hard because we only seem to see 3 stak at one time but it dosent happen because chaka throws exploding crystals and they flee. enik shows up and explains why the others are so angry and jack promises to put the guardian back and fix it in the morning. enik says ok. the next morning they put the statue back in exactly the right place and the solar beams heat up the rocks in the cavern mouth keeping the monster away. back at camp they discuss the day and a rather good episode ends but nope sorry chaka asks will to sing a song so he pulls out the old bamboo guitar and sings a song i figuse its prolly called "when can we see the day" im pretty shure this is the best the third season has to offer. i enjoyed it anyway