Land of the Lost

Season 2 Episode 10

Baby Sitter

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Nov 08, 1975 on NBC

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  • Holly meets the Zarn.

    This was another sub-par episode. The good thing was that Rick and Will were barely in it, and the focus was on Holly, and on Cha-Ka somewhat. This might have had some potential for a great storyline, but this was disappointing. Instead, we get treated to seeing Holly being babysat by someone younger and smaller than her. She proves her self-sufficiency, but she also proves what an annoying character she can be at times with her lectures and bossiness. It would have been neat to write a story where Holly got in trouble by herself, but got out of it by herself, but sadly that didn't happen.

    Instead, the writers chose to make Cha-Ka the one who is in a bit of trouble (with Ta) while the big boys are away, and Holly is just there to boost his confidence. The Zarn shows up to make some mischief between Ta and Cha-Ka, and succeeds until Holly lets him have a piece of her mind. The dialogue between Holly and Zarn seemed more corny than the stuff she normally says.

    Unfortunately, this episode did not seem to fulfill its potential, and was clearly catered to the youngest members of the audience. Not even the presence of the Zarn could save this one.