Land of the Lost

Season 3 Episode 6


Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Oct 16, 1976 on NBC

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  • episode 36 cornered. good for season three that is.

    jack and will find a new dino who spits flames in the lost city. it chases alice away and harrasses the sleestak. the marshalls decide it would be dangerous to just let it hang around so they try to lure it away. but will gets stung by its poisionous tail. the frightened sleestak blame the humans for this new flame breathing arrival so with enik tagging along they go to the library of skulls and the talking sleestak asks the talking skull what to do. ( this is a reaccuring and very weak story line. yes there was a talking sleestak in an earlier episode and yes we have seen the talking skulls before but they overuse these devices in the third season ) enik goes to the marshalls camp and tells them if will sleeps he dies. and he will give them a cure if they get rid of the new fire breather by nightfall. jack argues with enik but that is useless. enik leaves. the family discusses the situation and chaka holly and jack leave. but before they do will calls the dinosaur "torchie". ( kind of unusual. holly usually names all the dinosaurs. )
    well they head to echo canyon where they see spike? wasnt he turned to stone by medusa in the last episode? anyway a plan is formed. chaka and holly build a giant mirror out of mica while jack lures torchie with some coal ( jellybeans ) torchie tries to attack his reflection and they trap him in the canyon by levering a rock into the gap. while all of this is happining will struggles to stay awake and is actually woken up by grumpys growl at one point. nice touch grumpy saves wills life. so chaka holly and jack get back to camp just at sunset to have enik tell them the cure is for will to stay still for a while. exactly what they were doing. tricked by the selfish altrusion again. the marshalls ponder that somehow enik will get his. we then see torchie escaping. i wonder if we will see him again. the show ends with will singing " sunshine in the morning " on what wesley eure described as his four string guitar. he only sings four songs in the show and it only happens in the third season. im not shure why they did that but i imagine that is was ordered by nbc executives. something they did much more of during the third season. im shure that is one of the many reasons the third is by far the worst season. well it wasnt a great episode but for some reason i remember really liking it as a kid so i will probibly watch it again some day.