Land of the Lost

NBC (ended 1976)




Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • Medicine Man
      Episode 13
      Time and disease have made Lone Wolf and Captain Diggs sworn enemies. Even after the wisdom of one saves the other, the two remain steadfast in their hatred. Can the Marshall clan bring them together peacefully - or are they doomed to battle one another forever?
    • Scarab
      Episode 12
      The bite of a Scarab unleashes the evil within Cha-Ka. before long he has desecrated the Library of the Skulls. Even worse, he's deliderately left behind evidence framing Will! Enik explains that only Cha-Ka's confession can save Will now, but the bewitched Pakuni refuses to cooperate...
    • Ancient Guardian
      Episode 11
      The Marshalls foolishly remove an ancient Sleestak totem - not realizing that it alone protects the valley from the wrath of the 'Ancient Guardian'. Only by unraveling the mystery of the idol can the family restore safety and security to the Land of the Lost.
    • Timestop
      Episode 10
      An ancient Altrusian key controls the flow of time. He who holds it has the power of time travel at his fingertips...If one fully understands how to use it. Unfortunately, Enik is alone with that knowledge, so Uncle Jack must come to him for help after disaster befalls poor Cha-Ka.
    • 11/6/76
      Holly's unicorn vanishes in broad daylight! Determined to rescue her new favourite pet, she enlists Cha-Ka to track down the thief. The trail takes them into the unexplored frozen highlands, where they find themselves trapped within the lair of a terrifying monster!
    • Hot-Air Artist
      Episode 8
      An adventurer from the 1920's crash-lands - all but destroying his balloon. Even so, Uncle Jack thinks it could easily be repaired. The aviator's growing interest in Cha-Ka arouses deep suspicions in Holly. What fate will befall her Pakuni friend if he tags along back to their world?
    • Flying Dutchman
      Episode 7
      Cha-Ka's discovery of nautical instruments leads the family to a fantastic galeon from the past. The captain is still on board! He's also looking for a new crew... All they need to do is sign up and sail away. But where will they be going? is there more to this deal than meets the eye?moreless
    • Cornered
      Episode 6
      Stung by Torchy's poisonous tail, Will's fate hangs in the balance! Enik refuses to reveal the antidote unless the family rids the valley of the pesky fire-breathing dinosaur forever. Soon Uncle Jack and Holly find themselves in a desperate race against time, one they all too easily can lose!
    • Medusa
      Episode 5
      A runaway canoe sends Holly careening into the clutches of a mysterious young woman. "Meddy" implores the youngest Marshall to relax, to spend some time in her garden admiring the remarkably lifelike statues... Will Holly realize her rescuer's true identity before it is too late?
    • Repairman
      Episode 4
      Someone has been tampering with the crystal matrix tables...Soon solar flares are raging out of control. As the world withers and dies under the intense heat, an unflappable British visitor arrives with curious knowledge about the troubled realm.
    • The Orb
      Episode 3
      A mysterious pylon turns Will invisible! Perhaps this startling new power can enable him to free Enik - putting an end to the Sleestaks' foolish plan of unleashing the destructive powers of the orb and plunging the land forever into darkness.
    • Survival Kit
      Episode 2
      A deadly fever strikes Holly just as the Sleestaks make off with the family's supplies! Enik insists that the thievery is warranted, that tribute must be paid to Malak - a new, all powerful god. Can Uncle Jack outsmart the Cro-Magnon con artist with some modern "magic" of his very own?moreless
    • After-Shock
      Episode 1
      Holly, Will and Cha-Ka band together in the wake of devastating losses. Realizing that they now only have each other, the unlucky trio struggles to survive on their own until everybody's fortunes take a surprise turn for the better via a reunion with Uncle Jack!
  • Season 2
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