Land of the Lost

Season 2 Episode 3

Fair Trade

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Sep 20, 1975 on NBC

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  • Rick is going to be fed to the baby sleestak unless Will and Holly can find a food substitute

    Starts with the sleestak putting a periscope through the ground. (how can they look out of it without seeing sunlight?) They see a pig and then Ta wonders in and sees the pig is afraid. Will and holly are sitting around the base of the cave and will is working in a homemade knife and holly is wearing a pink ribbon on her head looking at one of the pennants to see where daddy is. She sees him fall in a hole and the kids go to rescue him. They find the hole. Then find out he is surrounded by sleestak but they cant get him because of the sunlight coming through the opening. The kids go to pull him out but grumpy shows up chasing spot. Ther run by a few times then grumpy falls in the hole. Then spot peeks at the stuck monster from behind the trees as the kids run off. He seizes the chance to get at his tormentor and bites grumpy on the tail angering him enough to escape to continue the seemingly endless chase. (poor grumpy never gets to eat anything but hollys jacket that one time.) The kids run to Enik for help. Enik dosent want to be bothered but is talked into it. He goes to the library of skulls and after looking into the mystic smoke returns to tell the kids that Rick is to be freshly hatched sleestak food food but the sleestak will trade him for a pig. They head back topside and seeing the hole is now grumpy free they set a pig trap; but they will need bait. Ta shows up and since pakuni and pigs are natural enemies they bribe him into being bait with the pink hair ribbon, a mirror, wills vest, half a cantalope and reluctlantly wills homemade knife. Since they only have until sundown Will is about to go down the hole to fight for Rick when the pig shows up and falls in the hole. The kids follow him down and the sleestak honor the dael and the Marshalls escape.
  • Will and Holly must rescue Rick from the Sleestak, with help from Enik. Hasn't this been done before?

    Although the basic plot of this episode was done before in the first season, the specifics are somewhat different. This time, Rick falls through a hole in the ground that the Sleestak were using to trap a pig. Instead, they take Rick prisoner and decide to feed him to their hatchlings. Will and Holly go to Enik to find out where their dad is being held, and at first Enik gives his usual "Leave me in solitude, I am not obligated to help you" speech. He then caves in after Will points out he needs to practice compassion for what seems like the millionth time with Enik, and he goes to the Library of Skulls to find out where Rick is prisoner. He then tells the kids they must capture a pig and trade it for Rick if they want to save him.

    This wasn't the best story line, but it wasn't the worst either. The cool thing is that we get to see 2 'new' set pieces for the first time: the Library of Skulls, and the Sleestak nursery (which really looks a lot like the pit with the Sleestak god). Plus, the pendants that the Marshalls use to watch each other from far away make its debut here. Was this the same pendant that 'Ronnie' gave Holly toward the end of the first season?