Land of the Lost

Season 3 Episode 7

Flying Dutchman

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Oct 23, 1976 on NBC

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  • episode 37 flying duchman. another uninspired third season episode.

    chaka finds a teliscope and malik tries to take it but chaka runs. at camp the marshalls decide to investigate after some searching they find a ship manned only by captain ruben vandamerser. he agrees to sail them out of the land of the lost if they can get back the things malik stole from him. will and jack get the stuff back in a very boring subplot. and return to the ship. the captain sends will, jack and chaka off for food and while they are gone drugs holly who reminds him of his daughter and begins to set sail. while out will realizes that he still has rubens diary retreved from maliks cave and jack reads it to uncover that the ship is the ledegendary flying duchman a ghost ship. they hurry back and save holly just in time to end this rather bad episode. if this wasnt my favorite show of all time i would be getting upset about the quality of the third season by now but well i did watch it and write a review for this site so it cant be all bad. ganactic my friends.