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    During "Pylon Express" Holly arrives on Earth, but decides not to leave the pylon because she doesn't want to leave Rick and Will behind. She arrives in the middle of a park where people are playing frizbee yet no one looks at her. If something like that appeared while I was playing frizbee I'd stop and acknowledge it. I have some theories why they didn't. It could be:

    1.) The pylon is invisible to them.

    2.) It wasn't actually Earth, only a place disguised as Earth to lure Holly out.

    3.) They were so absorbed in their frizbee game they didn't notice her.

    Any other opinions? Am I over-analyzing this?

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    There is no such thing as overanalyzing so lets do some more analyzing.

    When Holly called to Enik he turned to look at her. Not sure if it was Enik but it was a yellow Altrusian from Enik's time/place.

    The kids were so absorbed they didn't notice they threw a frisbee into the moon-giver pylon?

    I never considered the 1974 Earth Playground to be an illusion but I think it wasn't.

    My reasoning is, this scene acts as a test just like Will was tested in the first season episode "The Search". This was Holly's chance to prove she was not selfish and would never consciously return to Earth with the knowledge her brother and father were still alive and trapped in the Land of the Lost.
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