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    I realized today that the Zarn doesn't make any appearances in season three. I love the series (even season three) and The Zarn episodes were my favorites. "The Zarn", "Gravity Storm", and "Baby Sitter". The Zarn wasn't introduced until season two so I can forgive season one, but why do you think they stopped involving him in the series for season three?

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    Its simple, season three had a smaller budget than season two. The Zarn required double compositing because he wore a blue body suit covered in sequins and any scene he was in required at least triple the costs of any other normal set scene. Zarn was not a dinosaur so they could not recycle his shots so he was a very expensive character. If he was more like the sleestak (i.e. a guy in a rubber alien suit), I suspect we would have seen him a few times in third season.

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