Land of the Lost

Season 2 Episode 6

Gravity Storm

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Oct 11, 1975 on NBC

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  • One of the best in the series.

    This episode and "One of our Pylons is Missing" are my two favorite episodes. I wish that the Zarn would have made at least one appearance in season 3. When the gravity keeps mysteriously increasing for short periods of time, pinning the Marshalls to the ground, they discover the Zarn is trying to escape the land of the lost. This episode was fun to watch and introduces one of the most interesting enemies in the series, Fred the robot. Unfortunately it is the last episode with Fred, he doesn't last long. Anyway, overall great episode that teaches us something about the last of the lost
  • Rick and Will vs. The Zarn and Fred

    This was an excellent episode, albeit another one with the usual cheesy yet irresistable visual effects. It begins with everyone being affected by a strange phenomenon - they get forced to the ground, as if the gravity is suddenly increasing. Even the dinosaurs and trees are affected. The Marshalls assume that something or someone has been tampering with the weather pylon, so they go there to check it out.

    Once at the pylon, they see the crystal matrix table flashing wildly, and the skylons appear. Rick knows something is wrong, but sees lightning flashing in the distance toward the Mist Marsh. He assumes that the Zarn is up to something, and the skylons are trying to correct whatever it is he is doing. Rick and Will head over to the Zarn's ship, where after a brief verbal confrontation, they try to enter the ship. Zarn tells them that they can talk to 'Fred' instead.

    This episode establishes the Zarn as even more of a character who is not quite an enemy of the Marshalls, but certainly not an ally either. He is just a being who wants to get out of the Land of the Lost, but somewhat like Enik, he doesn't seem to care about what happens to everyone else. The cool thing is seeing that despite all of the Zarn's fancy technology and mind-reading abilities, the Marshalls will always have the upper hand on him. All they have to do is show intense emotions, especially pity or anger, and the Zarn will back down. In a way, they use Zarn's mind-reading advantage against him.