Land of the Lost

Season 3 Episode 13

Medicine Man

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Dec 04, 1976 on NBC

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  • episode 43 medicine man. well the thirs season is finally over no more meadicore episodes. wait oh no the series is over. no more great episodes. well all good things.......

    somone steals a pot of water holly is boiling. jack goes looking for the thief and finds an indian. he tries to jump jack but gets tripped. "lone wolf" of the nasperce tribe explains he was trying to bring white man medicine to his tribe because they have the fever. he explains he is a medicine man and rode through a dust storm and ended up here. he looks a little feaverish so jack brings him back to the compound. there loan wolf explains he is from 1877 and was educated by chief joseph. will is impressed by that for some reason. then they hear a horse in the distance. will goes looking and finds the horse and captain elmo diggs us calvary. ( for those who r too young to know there was no elmo on sesame street at the time and elmo might have been thought of as a tough name. ) elmo says he followed an indian into a raging twister. will says lone wolf and elmo tries to force him at gunpoint to take him but collapses; hes got the fever too. will helps him back to the compound. .( there was an episode in the first season "downstream" i believe where the writer of the episode wrote about an old 49er with a shotgun but the network forced him to be re written into a civil war vet with a cannon because no child would find a cannon in thier attic and get hurt playing land if the lost. why was it ok in this episode? my guess during season three nobody cared about this show anymore. why dont I know. )before they arrive the indian is staring in to the fire seriously the first of more then a few cheesy stereotypes we are forced to endure in this episode. when they get back to the compound its explained that they both need the medicine lone wolf had; and are enemies. elmo is sick and jack asks lone wolf to cure him as he had cured himself. wolf agrees only if he can have the horse as payment as that is the only way he will ever get home. he rides off looking for stuff foe his medicine and says he will return in one hour. elmo says he will never be back. shure enough an hour passes no lone wolf. jack goes looking for him and finds hes pinned down by grumpy. jack rescues him with the old throw a rock with a tree to make grumpy think there is something behind him trick and jack and lone wolf go looking for medicine ingredients. this is where things get really bad. lone wolf waves an eagle feather around elmo and lays it on his chest, spins some kind of hokey voodoo doll tied above the bed, then throws some sand in the fire that flares up. some time passes and we find elmo now has face paint on him and lone wolf is giving him medicine from a gourd bowl. then lone wolf sits cross legged outside beating on a tom tom in apparent meditation. at least he didnt chant or do a rain dance but by todays standards it would be pretty offensive. the next morning lone wolf and elmo now reluctant friends ride off together to try to get home. that night will sings a song im guessing is called "a place i see". and land of the lost is over. the only question left to debate should it have ended 1 season earlier? my opinion im glad they made the third season even if most episodes were turds. but by the end of this one i am glad they didnt make any more. so i guess this ends my review of this series i hope somebody reads these someday it has been a joy to write them. ganactic my firends. steve