Land of the Lost

Season 3 Episode 5


Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Oct 09, 1976 on NBC

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  • episode 35 medusa. could be the worst episode of the series.

    episode 35 medusa written by greg strangis. directed by rick bennewitz and guset starring marion thompson as metti, medusa and the magic mirror. the third season is by far the weakest season of the three and this episode is particularly bad. the first 2 miunites insult the intelligence of anyone who is a fan of the show when holly refers to chaka as a vegitarian. in season twos "stone soup" the paku show that they eat iguanas and in a first season episode chaka looks like hes about to eat chicken. anyway it just goes downhill from here. holly goes rafting on her own for some reason then if found by a strange woman "metti" who she trusts for some reason and follows to her garden of eternity. that is protected by magic vines. well metti transforms into medusa (with plastic snakes for hair :-} ) turns spike to stone. yes i am sorry that is what happens. then the rest of the gang arrive get caught by the living vines that apparently have one big weakness; knives. so they escape. ok my review ends here the rest of the episode is so predictable that a four yearold could figure out the end. i have been watching the episodes in order since i got the dvd set and i just got to level 2 on this site today. so the first episode i have reviewed is this one. sorry my reviews will get better when i get better episodes to write about. i would only suggest watching this one if u want to say that u have seen every one. otherwise ignore it.