Land of the Lost

Season 2 Episode 4

One of Our Pylons is Missing

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Sep 27, 1975 on NBC

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  • Land of the Lost at it's best!

    When things keep mysteriously disappearing in an area of the Land of the Lost where a pylon should be the Marshalls investigate and end up being swallowed by a strange hole in the ground. They learn that the land of the lost relies on the things that fall into the hole for energy. Despite some of the most cheesy special effects the show has ever had this episode was one of the series best. We learn something about the land of the lost, the dinosaurs are present, and the Marshalls make a daring escape at the last second. A must-see.
  • Bizarre, psychedelic, and cheesy special effects. What more could you ask for?

    This episode was fairly straightforward. The Marshalls go out mapping pylons, and come across an area in the jungle where there should be a pylon, but none is to be found. A hole opens up in the ground and their picnic basket falls down it, then Cha-Ka falls down it, and the hole closes behind him. Will and Rick go to the nearest pylon, which seems to control the hole in the ground. Holly goes into the hole to rescue Cha-ka, and her rope snaps and she falls into the unknown. Rick goes after her, and he falls as well. All are sealed down below after the hole closes up, leaving only Will to try and save them at the surface.

    The funniest thing about this epsiode is the horrible special effects. Just watch how Cha-Ka, Holly, and Rick fall down the hole. They are simply little dolls and action figures rotating against a fake backdrop. However, the weird part is what lies at the bottom of the hole. A giant red rock/crystal thing with a loud heartbeat tries to consume them so it can sustain itself. This turns out to be the energy source for the Land of the Lost. The whole sequence is memorable, even if just for its silliness.