Land of the Lost

NBC (ended 1976)





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  • Land of the Lost, about twenty five years too early.

    Land of the Lost is a generational thing. Depending on how old you are, perhaps the thing you thrilled to as a child was the Tarzan stories. Or the John Carter of Mars tales. Or perhaps the radio serials (What evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows...). Maybe you watched the early tv science fiction programs from the 1950s.

    For many children in the 1970s, Land of the Lost was the single most impressive non-animated show on Saturday mornings.

    Let me pick one episode as an example. Holly, Will and Rick are on the top of a mountain. A pilot from their future has ended up in the Land. He's got binoculars, and he takes a look through them. Turns out that he can see the backs of the four of them as they stand on the mountain looking into the binoculars.

    Rick says something about how the Land of the Lost is a closed universe.

    Think about that! Einsteinian physics slipped into a children's tv show.

    Sure, the sets were terribly cheap. And the special effects probably only look good to someone on drugs. This was back in the 1970s. Special effects didn't exist. Computers were giant boxes that ran tape reels. And here was a program aimed at children about a cul-de-sac in space-time where dinosaurs, lizard-men, and hominids existed.

    I wonder sometimes what the Krofft brothers would have been able to whip up if they'd come along in the late 1990s and convinced someone to give them a science-fiction program to aim at children.