Land of the Lost

NBC (ended 1976)





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  • amazing. in a time when childrens shows had to have a talking dog even long established characters like superman and his superfriends were dumbed down. this show shined with intelligence.

    this is without question the greatest childrens show of all time and one of the all time great television shows. people today who werent familiar with the show in the 70s are sadly unable for the most part to appreciate the show because of its campy special effects. what most see as the shows biggest weakness I personally see as its greatest strength. if the effects had been better the creators wouldnt have needed to write such intelligent stories and work on character development. this theroy proves true if u have ever seen the attempt to recreate the magic in the 90s verson of the show. they tried to make great looking effects but didnt write good stories or create characters anyone cared about.

    i was 2 when the show first aired and I grew up watching shows about time travel , alternate dimensions and a family who really loved each other while most children my age were watching scooby bring chased by a real estate developer in a werewolf costume or some other show where the writers assumed children were stupid. land of the lost challenged us to think while bringing exciting and memorable shows. few people today will get excited to hear the mention of thundar the barbarion or grape ape. but go into a bar and mention the sleestak and many people will get suddenly excited and nastalgic in a way ive never seen at the mention of any other show.

    the most important thing about this show ( i only see this now as a 35yo father of 2 ) is the family development. lotl is really about a single father trying to raise his childern to be good people even in a difficult situation. my wife just bought me the series on dvd for valentines day ( wonderful woman. loves me even though I am a dork ) and i like the show even more now than i did as a kid its nastalgic , campy , brillant , and stands up even today.

    if you cant get past the special effects to see the wonderful stories , then u are missing out on a very magical show from a very special time.