Land of the Lost

NBC (ended 1976)





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  • This series, from the famous Sid & Marty Krofft team, featured the adventures of Will, Holly and their father Rick Marshall trapped an alternate world of dinosaurs, troglodytes, and sleestak. Though charming in it's time, the years have not been kind.

    Have you ever been looking forward to something so much that it gave you a thrill you could almost taste? Have you ever built in your mind the beauty and splendor that awaits you?

    When I saw a copy of the first season of "Land of the Lost" on the shelf, my heart near skipped a beat. I couldn't believe that I had almost forgotten this beautiful series. I dashed home with my purchase, and set down to relive those glorious days of youth.

    Was I ever so young that I thought this was the pinnacle of my day? Yes, there is a sweet charm to the stories. Yes, some of the stories were written by David Gerrold of "The Trouble with Tribbles" fame. Yes, some the angst and loneliness of childhood shone thru. And, yes, I began to have a crush on Holly all over again, as I remembered fondly how cute I thought she was when I was her age.

    But I distinctly remember the sleestak being terrifying, not silly. I remember the dinosaurs interacting flawlessly with the actors, not the blatant blue-screening that was here before me. I KNOW that the sleestak caves were a dark and foreboding place, not the obviously quickly thrown together set I was seeing. And worse of all, I felt betrayed by my mind. For the stories I was in awe of, seemed stale and tired.

    And yet...

    I realized that I was having fun. Despite all of the stilted acting by two young children, despite how poorly the special effects stood up against the "Star Wars" extravaganzas of today, despite the silly stories, despite all of this and more, I was having FUN.

    I wouldn't recommend this to those of you are too young to remember it. But if you're old enough, like me, then I've found a place where they haven't yet "...put up the new Wal-Mart".