Land of the Lost

NBC (ended 1976)





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  • adventure, action, dinosaurs, scary bug eyed creatures and a beautiful blonde to come to the rescue of every week. how could you go wrong??

    Adventure, Action, Dinosaurs, Scary bug-eyed creatures and a Beautiful Blonde to come to the rescue of every week. How could you go wrong??.. Answer is you can't it was ahead of it's time certainly but classic sci-fi/adventure full of imagination, and about as heart pounding edge of your seat entertainment as saturday morning television has ever dared to be, before or since. All of this done with the aid of the incredibly deep blue eyes, freckles and those braids, those unforgettable blonde braids, the plaid shirt..the blue jeans the hiking boots, and that eternally sweet caring smile that were all part of the one and only true Holly Marshall (Kathy Coleman), not the later pretender to the throne in the wannabe remake, it was good, but lacked so much feeling and intensity