Land of the Lost

NBC (ended 1976)





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  • Ranger Rick Marshall and his kids take a canyon river trip and get swept in an alternate world with dinosaurs, creatures and alien relics.

    This show was probably one of the first great shows of my childhood. Possibly the best of the Sid and Marty Kroft shows, watching it today is like reliving my childhood if but for the very cheesy special affects and acting that went into it. Unlike the modern series "Lost," the writers idn't seem to have any set definition as to where the Marshalls were; every writer added something new and there was no attempt to really link or solve any of the numerous riddles of what the dinos were doing there or who created the civilizations the Marshalls created. If the Pakuni were relatives of Bigfoot, I can only assume the Sleestak were humanoid-evolved raptors. They couldn't shoot straight nor were they very good in fighting or keeping prisoners. Hard to believe I was scared of those things as a kid. Still, despite a grown-up look at the series today, it remains a childhood favorite of mine. The earlier episodes were much more likeable before the dad left the series.