Land of the Lost

Season 3 Episode 12


Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Nov 27, 1976 on NBC

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  • episode 42 scarab. not bad for this season. tries te be like the better shows.

    chaka finds a golden beetle. he tries to put it in a cage but it bites him. the marshalls go out for firewood bacause of a coming storm and chaka goes crazy and trashes their home then runs off carring a knife. ( in a first season episode there were three lines between holly and will about prayer that were cut from the show. amazing how that wasnt ok but chaka running around with a knife is ok. network heads must have missed that one. ) chaka tries to get grumpy angry so he will eat the family and he almost succeds in eating holly but they escape. chaka runs off for the lost city and will follows. chaka gets into the sleestak caves and steals the skull of the voice of wisdom leaving the knife in its place. chaka escapes but enik sees him running off. the sleesatk catch will. the leader insists will stole the skull bacause of his knife. enik tries to tell them it wasnt him but the leader has enik dragged off. enik goes to the marshall camp and asks chaka for the skull but he denies knowing where it is. holly mentions the beetle that bit chaka and enik says it is "tula" and if u are mean to it u will be ruled by your dark and selfish side until u do something nice for tha beetle. jack and holly force chaka into feeding the beetle a flower and instantly chaka is nice again and he runs off to rescue will. just as the sleestak asr about to feed will to the pit monster chaka shows up uses the skull to get will out and everyone gets home just before the storm hits. just in time for a game on the homemade chess board and a good laugh. not a bad episode but it does kind of leave u with the feeling that enough is enough and they just need to end this series. and thats exactly what happens next show.