Land of the Lost - Season 1

NBC (ended 1976)




Episode Guide

  • Circle
    Episode 17
    Enik unravels a startling paradox. The Marshalls can leave only if replaced by parallel versions of themselves. So even as Rick, Will and Holly at long last depart home through the mist of a time doorway - they once again arrive for the very first time in the Land of the Lost.moreless
  • Hurricane
    Episode 16
    The family helps astronaut Beauregard Jackson get out the same way he got in - through a time portal. Too bad they can't tag along as they have no parachutes and the opening is sure to be exactly where it was on the other side - high above the earth.
  • Elsewhen
    Episode 15
    Holly is immediately suspicious of the stranger she meets in Enik's cave. She must decide whether to accept the mysterious woman's advice when she must rescue Will and Rick, but first, Holly will have to overcome her fear of heights when she is left dangling from a rope in a cavern that may have no bottom!moreless
  • Stone Soup
    Episode 14
    Those greedy Pakuni have stolen all the glowing jewels from a Pylon, thus causing tremendous drought! Through the clever bartering of a not-so-sacred soup stone, Rick finally convinces the primitive race that the crystals must be restored.
  • 11/30/74
    A tattered diary claims to be a map back home! Venturing deep into the tunnels beneath Lost City, the Marshalls creep past eerie webbed-in, hibernating Sleestak before reaching an active lava pit, where as the temparatures begin to rise, the Sleestak begin to awaken.
  • The Possession
    Episode 12
    First Cha-Ka and then Holly fall victim of a malevolent energy field that transforms them into walking zombies. The Pylons appear to be at the center of all this ....Perhaps the solution can be found by confronting whoever - or whatever - lurks inside.
  • The Search
    Episode 11
    A disastrous experiment leaves Rick drained of energy to the point of near paralysis. With both Big Alice and Grumpy closing in, Holly must struggle to get her father back to the safety of the cave while Will seeks out the cantankerous Enik for help.
  • 11/9/74
    Cha-Ka invites himself to the table and does not take kindly to a lesson in manners. Holly's new perfume proves to be too much for the other Pakuni. Smitten by the exotic fragrance, they carry her off kicking and screaming to their secret enclosure.
  • The Hole
    Episode 9
    While exploring the Sleestak cave in the Lost city, Rick is pushed into the pit of the Sleestak god, and runs into an intelligent Sleestak named S'latch in the pit that helps Rick escape.
  • Skylons
    Episode 8
    Once inside a Pylon, neither Will nor Holly can resist the glimmering matrix table. Before long they've unwittingly conjured up some sort of weather apocalypse. Could that mysterious trio of flickering flying objects somehow help them stop it?
  • Album
    Episode 7
    A hypnotic gem ensnares Will and Holly through a hallucination that transforms Sleestak into first, their mother - then their father! Only by destroying the insidious device can Rick shatter the spell to free his family.
  • The Stranger
    Episode 6
    The Marshalls encounter Enik, an intelligent Sleestak-like being, also trying to get home to his people.
  • Tag-Team
    Episode 5
    The Marshalls' harvest of giant vegetables is repeatedly targeted by thieving Pakuni. A war of the carrots erupts until both sides come under attack from not only Grumpy but mean 'ol Big Alice as well.
  • Downstream
    Episode 4
    While rafting down a river, the Marshalls become stranded in a cave with a Civil War era Confederate soldier, who thinks they're trying to steal his "claim".
  • Dopey
    Episode 3
    Will and Holly are out and about, and they find a baby brontosaur, which Holly names Dopey, and Holly plans to keep him, but that might be a problem.....
  • The Sleestak God
    Episode 2
    Will and Holly go adventuring and find the Lost City and Sleestak, lizard men that don't behave. Cha-ka gets Rick and they go looking for them with trouble and surprises on the way......
  • Cha-Ka
    Episode 1
    Grumpy, a T-Rex, attacks a small family of Paku (caveman like creatures). Will and Holly watch and rescue the smallest Paku that hurt his leg. They bring him back to the cave and fix him up. They quickly become friends, but they also find out that Pakus aren't that friendly...