Land of the Lost

Season 2 Episode 5

The Test

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Oct 04, 1975 on NBC

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  • Chaka must steal one of Alices eggs to become a man. Sounds easy enough but what ever goes right in the land of the lost?

    The pakuni are performing some kind of ceremony. How often do i forget that Ta is a shamon? Chaka is given a bamboo spear with feathers on it (some of them are peacock feathers and this spear is really well built with a nice stone tip. Quite unlike the usual sharpened sticks the paku usually weild)Ta paints chakas forehead with white paint and we clearly see something is going on. Back at high bluff Will is working on a map with a feather quill and he and holly are arguing as usual when Chaka shows up. He is carring the spear and a medicine bag that he says carries big man magic. Will and holly translate that he must get one of big alices eggs to prove he is a man. They discuss the frightning idea and Chaka sneaks off. Will follows and Holly is close behind. Near the lost city Chaka is trying to roll the giant egg into the forest but Alice shows up. Chaka throws some metallic rocks from his medicine bag at her and for a miunite she seems comfused but then she tries to eat chaka. Will blinds the giant allosauris with his mirror (it was a childrens show) and holly rescues chaka. The marshall kids discuss what just happened and the determined Chaka sneaks off and disguised as a bush he sneaks back up to the egg and starts to roll it off alice is kind of asleep or something and is moving kind if slow so Will and Holly help chaka roll the egg into a pillered area of the lost city and alice cant get in. Then the egg hatches and a really cute baby allisauris comes out. Will names it Junior and they try to get it to go with mom. Chaka takes the egg top and runs off. Junior goes with mom and the Marshalls escape. Chaka takes the shell to Ta who wipes the paint off Chaks head and leaves as the kids are showing up. But Ta dosent get far bacause Junior shows up and sacres ta. After the Marshalls try to get junior to come over to the group Ta realizes Chaka is brave and gives him his necklace of manhood. Junior heads back to Alice and the episode ends. This is a great show for many reasons. One the kids and Chaka get to grow and learn things, most childrens programs and childrens fantasy in general things never change it is the same today, next week and forever. In land of the lost the personal relationships grow and evolve and the characters get to mature. Second the Wa chang animation of the dinosaurs looks really cool in this one.
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