Lands and People of Our World

PBS (ended 1971)


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Lands and People of Our World

Show Summary

Lands and People of Our World is a 1970 television series from PBS. Donna Matson hosts the weekly series that features different parts of our world. Each week, Donna travels to various parts of the world and tells the audience about all of the tourist attractions there and in the surrounding areas. She goes to a different place each week and showcases the beauty of the land. Some of the places that Donna travels during the show are to Tropical Rainforests, the Mediterranean, Tropical Lands in Asia and even to the Tropical Lands in Africa. Each show starts with a bit of an educational background about the country or region that she is visiting that day, then she tells the audience members all about the nature in the land, and how its nature made it a unique place to visit. Donna concludes her show by telling the audience all about the tourist attractions in each country, and gives her audience tips on how to enjoy their vacations to all of these exotic regions.