Landscapers' Challenge

HGTV Premiered Jan 01, 2006 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • A Front Yard In Need
      The Steeno family finally became happy with the interior of their home, but the front yard now needs their attention. With a $12,500 budget a great new front yard is created.
    • An Entertainer's Paradise
      Chris Williams' ready to turn his attention to the backyard and make it more functional. Three landscape designers bring design plans for Williams to choose from.
    • An Outdoor Dining Room
      Scott Storey's home is located in one of the most unique neighborhoods in Los Angeles--the Venice Canals. Scott want an outdoor dining room that will intrigue his friends and neighbors and stay true to the decor of the house. Three landscapers come up with plans for him to choose from.
    • A Backyard Makeover
      Melissa and Kelly own a sprawling ranch that sits on more than a half-acre of land. They want an outdoor living space they can enjoy, and would like to solve their drainage problem, renovate their pool and create a barbecue area. With the help of a landscape designer and a budget of $90,000, transform their overgrown backyard into an inviting oasis.moreless
    • A House Without a View
      Kourosh and Valary have a backyard that needs attention. The couple would like it to be just as appealing as the inside of their home. With a budget of $20,000 and a landscape designer, the Brals would like to fix the uneven cement patio, solve their drainage problems, create a new deck surrounding their pool and add plants to beautify the yard.moreless
    • A Room Without a View
      Gail Jamentz because she was drawn to the panoramic view of the mountains and the unique character of the old house. She has an interior designer, but now needs a professional to help her with the yard.
    • A Concrete Backyard With No Style
      Bryce moved into his home seven years ago. Over the past few years he has worked hard to update the house. With the interior in the final stages of the facelift, he is eager to tackle his backyard. He'd like to transform the sweltering concrete backyard into an inviting space for entertaining, and needs a professional to help him accomplish this.moreless
    • A Backyard for Entertaining
      Erick and Maggi would like for their backyard to have a more comfortable feeling. With a budget of $15,000, they would like to increase their privacy, convert their driveway for outdoor entertaining, and replace the concrete slab off their bedroom with a deck.
    • A Welcoming Front Yard
      Judy and Marc don't know what to do with the exterior of their home. With a budget of $10,000, they wish to make their yard more cohesive and the pathway to their home more inviting.
    • Front Yard Makeover
      Kathy and Len have spent months remodeling the interior of their house, but want to give their front yard a little curb appeal. Kathy and Len would love to have a front yard that is as inviting and welcoming as the inside of their home.
    • An English Garden
      An English Garden
      Episode 12
      Austin and Dee restored the interior of their house, and are moving on to their backyard. The couple would like to replace their fence, create more space, rework their patio, fix their drainage problems and remove a large patch of plants in the middle of their yard. With the help of a landscape designer and a budget of $15,000, they hope that their vision of a traditional English garden may be brought to life.moreless
    • A Patio Without a Purpose
      Peter and Nancy live in a Spanish Mediterranean home with their four children and a dog. The exterior features an upper yard and lower yard, which are the eyesores on their property. The couple would like to transform them, and three landscape designers offer their design plans.
  • Season 2
  • Season 3