Landscapers' Challenge - Season 2

HGTV Premiered Jan 01, 2006 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • An Outdoor Entertaining Room
  • A Dream Yard
    A Dream Yard
    Episode 5
  • Taming a Wild Front Yard
    Bruce and his wife Naomi love to travel. The interior of their home reflects their style, but the front yard is just weeds and dirt. They are enlisting the help of a landscape designer, and have a budget of $15,000, to transform their overgrown front yard.
  • Landscape Overhaul
    Landscape Overhaul
    Episode 3
    Sissy and Greg have modern tastes and have decorated the interior of their home. With a budget of $45,000 and the help of a landscape designer, they're ready to landscape their backyard.
  • Patio Transformation
  • An Entertainer's Paradise
  • Back to the Past
    Back to the Past
    Episode 6
  • East Meets West
    East Meets West
    Episode 13
  • An Outside Space for Entertaining
  • A Parking Lot with Potential
  • Backyard Unity
    Backyard Unity
    Episode 10
  • A Grand Entrance
    A Grand Entrance
    Episode 2
    Shelly lives with her parents, close to the ocean. She and her mother want to soften the appearance of the house and hardscape, fill their planter boxes with colorful flowers, rework the lighting for the steps and the house, and bring the side area into balance with the rest of the yard.moreless
  • An Italian Castle
    An Italian Castle
    Episode 1
    Cesar just bought his dream house in South Pasadena, but desperately needs help from a landscape designer to complete the entrance to the house.