Langt fra Las Vegas

(ended 2003)


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  • Season 1
    • En på egnsdragten
      En på egnsdragten
      Episode 11
    • Heidi part 2
      Heidi part 2
      Episode 10
      The crazy events from last weeks episode is resolved in this episode.
    • Heidi part 1
      Heidi part 1
      Episode 9
      "Jumpstart" has been on a ski holiday together and everything seems changed when they return home. Casper tries to put a hot affair he had with a German girl behind him, and concentrates on Anne, but when the German girl suddenly returns Casper is in for a handful. Kenny and Lisa spend several hours in a defect ski lift in 3000 meters height and it has changed them both. Robert is sadly him self, but he had an accident that seems worse for his surroundings than himself.moreless
    • Se & Hor
      Se & Hor
      Episode 8
      Jumpstart" is harassed by a heavy breather, Robert is hysterical addicted to "hjemme is" and Nils is planing an indoor Marguerit route. But worst of all- Casper has put up a fight with the vicious "Se & Hør" reporter, Liselotte Foss, which results in a number of unflattering article about ”Jumpstart” Casper has to do something but what?moreless
    • Sexfreak
      Episode 7
      "If you had to give another man a blow-job, who would it have to be?" this is on of the existentially questions asked in this episode where there is rock’n roll-tour in sex and drugs. Kim feels ordinary and begins the search for her inner wildcat, Casper tries to help by giving her a guide-ture to hash- soon the inner wildcat will no end take and that results in a huge misunderstanding on Caspers home-front. Casper and Kim goes to a TV award show where "Jumpstart" is nominated. Without Kim or Casper on the station the fight for a new leader begins, with big regrets to the handicapped Zindy Krads.moreless
    • Proletarkæden
      Episode 6
      Casper is close to death but is saved in the last minuet by a very happy Stanley. A friend for life? yes sadly. What do you pay a guy back with when you owe him your life? your life? Stanley quickly becomes a regulate part of Casper's life. He is well liked by the others on "Jumpstart" even Anna falls for him. No one can resist Stanley's happy spirit and generosity-except Casper who is considering death as a better alternative to Stanley.moreless
    • Kærlighedspokalen
      Kim finally meed the man in her life, Johannes is every girls dream and he hands Kim a Roman vase as a gift. But Casper and the other guys suspect Johannes of being dirty and now they set everything in to save Kim's love live. The weekly guest the homosexual earthquake expert Eric Noppenau finds himself very interested in someone at the station.moreless
    • Ordnung Muss Sein
      Casper has a new neighbour who is a very beautiful nurse from Jyland- a seemingly easy victim for Casper's charm, but to Casper's frustration Anne is as unimpressed with Casper as she is beautiful. To make matters worse for Casper he gets a mysterial disease. ”Jumpstart” prepares for TV- chief Corben Vedersted's annual visit. Kim puts all efforts into making the studio look like a modern work place, but it proves to be very hard when all the men are occupied with teaching the Kenyan ambassador a lesson. Kenny thinks cleaning is a crime against human rights and when Mister ”Rebel without a Cause” turns up, things begins to go very wrong. The only person taking the TV-chief's visit seriously is Robert.moreless
    • Danish Dynamite
      Danish Dynamite
      Episode 3
      Casper is obsessed with a new friend, the virgin Birla, her persistence in turning him down turns Caspers intresse in her into flaming lust. But Birla is far from defenceless and Casper is in for a handfull. Roberts self confidence is zero when he has one defeat after the other and he is on the verge of a nervous breakdown, but then Søren Lerbys national team jersey from 1986 comes to a magical help. Kim and Buckingham is on a hunt for flies that is pestering the studio but there do they come from, who are they and where are they going?moreless
    • Trillekød
      Episode 2
      Casper feels old and when Kim Dorowsky suggest a high moral week Casper is really feeling old, but then something amazing happens when Kim's nice Trille is working as an intern there is nothing like a 14 year old girl to live the place up. Kenny tries to end his money trouble by a "brilliant" plan. "Jumpstart" gets a new neighbour, Kenya's ambassador. Niels og Robert makes a welcome comity - every neighbours nightmare.moreless
    • En Ordentlig Sneppetur
      "Jumpstart" is a popular morning show on TV and they celebrate show # 1.000 with host Casper Christensen, but an accident occurs and Casper believes he is in another century, and now things REALLY goes wrong for the little news station.