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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Stage Stop
      Stage Stop
      Episode 1
      In the pilot episode, gang leader Bud Carlin swears that he will get one of his gang members out of the Laramie jail. Drifter Jess Harper is mistaken for one of the Carlin gang and run out of town. Stopping to rest on the Sherman ranch, Jess is confronted by the owner, Slim Sherman, and ordered off the property. Jess gets the upper hand, but leaves Slim's guns behind as he goes on his way. He ends up at the ranch homestead, which also serves as a waystation for the stage line. Slim's younger brother Andy, bored and lonely, finds Jess an exciting, romantic figure and dreams of travelling with him, to Slim's consternation. Slim's suspicion and resentment must be laid aside when Bud Carlin takes over the station as his first step to getting his colleague out of jail.moreless
    • Glory Road
      Glory Road
      Episode 2
      Traveling preacher Essie Bright and her wagon driver stops by the Sherman ranch on the way to Laramie. It doesn't take long to reveal the reason the driver is so moody.
    • Circle Of Fire
      Circle Of Fire
      Episode 3
      Martha Chambers is a stagecoach passenger who, in a moment of blind terror, shoots and kills the son of a Pawnee chief. The Indians want revenge and are after the the woman. She takes refuge at the Sherman ranch.
    • Fugitive Road
      Fugitive Road
      Episode 4
      Gil Brady is fed up with the cavalry because he has been persecuted. He deserts and heads for Canada. Along the way, he comes looking for his brother-in-law, Jess Harper, to get his help.
    • The Star Trail
      The Star Trail
      Episode 5
      Tully Hatch once saved Jess Harper's life and later made him a deputy sheriff. Now he has been accused of robbing a bank and Jess feels he must do something to help him.
    • The Lawbreakers
      The Lawbreakers
      Episode 6
      Jess Harper poses as an outlaw and manages to get hired as guide by a band of outlaws to help them locate their loot.
    • The Iron Captain
      The Iron Captain
      Episode 7
      Slim Sherman and Jess Harper are taken prisoner by a renegade Army Captain, Sam Prado and his gang. Prado tells them he is looking for Lita, a dancer.
    • General Delivery
      General Delivery
      Episode 8
      A gunfighter comes to Laramie and picks up his mail in care of GENERAL DELIVERY to see who he has been hired to kill. Jess knows him and confronts him to see who he was hired to kill. He is injured on the Sherman ranch and Andy tries to reform him.moreless
    • The Run To Tumavaca
      Jess Harper's old friend tells him that her husband is trying to kill her and talks him into helping her to escape to Mexico.
    • The General Must Die
      Two ex-army officers plan to sieze Slim Sherman's ranch in order to use it to trap and kill General William Tecumseh Sherman.
    • Dark Verdict
      Dark Verdict
      Episode 11
      Jess and Slim try to stop a posse set on lynching Jess' friend John McLane. When they try to bring the lynch mob to justice the mob is provided with a slick defense by Judge Hedrick. In anger and frustration Jess sets off to extract his own vengeance on the posse leader and Judge Hedrick. However, when Jess arrives at Hedrick's place he discovers that the Judge has committed suicide and his son (the posse leader) is set to cover his father's suicide by framing Jess.moreless
    • Man Of God
      Man Of God
      Episode 12
      A priest wanders onto the Sherman Ranch in route to a meeting with Sitting Bull. Sitting Bull has declared war and is getting weapons from white traders. The priest needs a guide to get him to Sitting Bull. Neither Jess nor Slim can take him. When it is discovered that the guide who is taking the priest is a hired killer sent by the weapon dealer, Jess sets off in pursuit.moreless
    • Bare Knuckles
      Bare Knuckles
      Episode 13
      The ranch is in financial trouble and Jonesy feels partly to blame. So he sets out for the gold camp of Warbonnet to earn the money. He quickly discovers that he isn't a successful miner and takes over as a piano player in the saloon. When Slim stops by to see Jonesy circumstances play out to where Slim steps into a prizefighting ring against Terry Mulligan.moreless
    • The Lonesome Gun
      The Lonesome Gun
      Episode 14
      Slim receives a letter addressed to his father from someone who does not know that Matt Sherman is dead. When the letter turns out to be a death threat Jonesy undertakes the task of informing the author that Matt is dead. The letter's author then turns his hatred onto Slim.
    • Night Of The Quiet Man
      John McCambridge retires from being a marshal and goes to see his old friend Slim. John wished to purchase a piece of Sherman land for a ranch. Slim initially refuses because the land in question is practically worthless. John convinces Slim to lease him the land. About this time gunfighters start drifting into town and settle onto McCambridges new spread. The question is are the gunfighters trying for a second chance or are they after the money that Jess is bringing into town. The mystery deepens after Slim finds Jess wounded; the other guards dead and the money missing. While Jess can not say who shot him, Slim is able to clear McCambridge and his men while discovering the true culprits.moreless
    • The Pass
      The Pass
      Episode 16
      The Sioux are at war and so Slim and Jess are acting as independent army scouts. While Jess rides with Custer, Slim is assigned to a group headed into the mountains to blockade an important pass. Slim runs into trouble with two mountain men and the woman they have with them. The white woman has been living with the Cheyenne and considers herself Cheyenne. Slim gradually wins over the woman and she falls in love with him.moreless
    • Trail Drive
      Trail Drive
      Episode 17
      After the stage line discontinues service to the ranch Slim, Jess and Jonesy are forced to join another outfit on a risky trail drive. However, not everything is as it appears, which the three men discover as they travel the trail and run into all sorts of trouble.
    • Day Of Vengeance
      Day Of Vengeance
      Episode 18
      Jess is on the stage returning prisoner Cabe Reynolds to Laramie for trial. The stage is wrecked by Manuel Ortega, who is seeking revenge on Cabe for the murder of his sister/Cabe's wife. While the other passengers want to give up the prisoner, Jess is determined to defend him. Which is a good thing as Cabe is innocent of the murder. Slowly Ortega discovers that the real culprit is his second in command Juan Mendozamoreless
    • The Legend Of Lily
      The Legend Of Lily
      Episode 19
      Jonesy is eagerly awaiting the performance of Lily Langford in Laramie. However, trouble is brewing as Lily is aging, her promoter is crooked, and Shanghai Pierce is in town looking for trouble.
    • Death Wind
      Death Wind
      Episode 20
      A wind storm and twister blows in a collection of characters of which none are as they first appear. The relay station gives shelter to an escaped prisoner, his wife who is posing as a nun, a killer for hire, his employer, and a two bit criminal disguised as a marshal.moreless
    • Company Man
      Company Man
      Episode 21
      The boys are busy chasing a group of horse thieves when the new stage manager arrives. The company man is Jack Slade who is both ruthless and a fast gun. Slade wants to make some changes to the ranch, most notably removing Jess; he is not particular if Jess leaves on his horse or over it.moreless
    • Rope Of Steel
      Rope Of Steel
      Episode 22

      A thief and his victim kill each other and the only witness,Mace Stringer impulsively steals the money. Angry towns people believe that Slim and Jonesy have robbed the bodies.

    • Duel At Alta Mesa
      Duel At Alta Mesa
      Episode 23
      When Slim is unable to answer TJ Patterson's request for help, Jess goes in his place. Along the way Jess encounters open hostility from the man he is suppose to help, interference from Patterson's daughter, a double crossing crook, and a man set on ruining the stage line.
    • Street Of Hate
      Street Of Hate
      Episode 24
      Frank Buckley is paroled from prison in Slim's care. However, the town isn't thrilled with Frank's return and tries to drive Frank into breaking his parole. It's up to Slim and Jess to defend Frank and along the way discover the truth about Frank's original conviction.
    • Ride Or Die
      Ride Or Die
      Episode 25
      Slim is in the desert following the trail of a murdering thief, Vernon Kane. Kane finds two tender-feet who are searching for gold. Once Slim arrives and gets the drop on Kane the problems just multiply because Kane has convinced the couple that he is the good guy and Slim is the outlaw.moreless
    • Hour After Dawn
      Hour After Dawn
      Episode 26
      Slim and Jess get more trouble then they bargained for when they fill in for a wounded Sheriff. They have been ordered to execute the prisoner an hour after dawn. The prisoner's gang is besieging the town in order to obtain his release. All the while the town's people who have volunteered to help are quietly deserting our two heroes.moreless
    • The Protectors
      The Protectors
      Episode 27
      The new nesters around Laramie have brought a paid gunman, Gill Craig, with them for protection. Gill has his own agenda, starting a range war, in order to gain control of the area. Nester, Allen, thinks that hiring Gill was a mistake and joins with Slim and Jess' efforts to prevent the brewing range war. Gill has a side romance going with a leading rancher's wife, Celie Rawlins. After Gill kills her husband and dumps her, she proposes that the ranchers bring in their own protection. The ranchers agree thinking that their protectors will take their orders from the sheriff. The ranchers send Jess with Celie to bring the gunmen in on the train. When Celie discovers that Jess can't be corrupted she arranges for Jess to get thrown off the train. The final showdown is a battle between the farmers along with Slim and Jess, Gill and his men, Celie and her gunmen, and the sheriff and his posse.moreless
    • Saddle And Spur
      Saddle And Spur
      Episode 28
      Slim and Jess accept a temporary job as town marshals for Agate. They quickly discover that there is a range war brewing between the biggest spread in the area and the smaller ranches. The more they investigate the big ranch owner, a feisty female, the more the boys come to believe that not all is as it appears.moreless
    • Midnight Rebellion
      Midnight Rebellion
      Episode 29
      Jess goes undercover to stop an ex-confederate raider who is stirring up trouble along the Canadian border.
    • Cemetery Road
      Cemetery Road
      Episode 30
    • Men Of Defiance
      Men Of Defiance
      Episode 31
      The marshal and Jess are hunting Bannister, the man who killed Jess' family. They are rescued from an ambush by Reb O'Neil. The two heroes' are separated from Reb and take refuge in the civilian fort, Defiance. Reb is captured by Bannister and is held hostage in order to take the marshal and Jess prisoner.moreless
  • Season 2
  • Season 3
  • Season 4
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