Laramie - Season 2

NBC (ended 1963)




Episode Guide

  • Widow In White
    Widow In White
    Episode 33
  • Strange Company
    Strange Company
    Episode 32
  • Men In Shadows
    Men In Shadows
    Episode 31
    Jess' old friend Dixie Howard is injured and on the run from a posse and a bounty hunter when he sends his wife to Jess for help. While Jess knows that he could be arrested for aiding Dixie he does so anyway because Dixie saved his life 10 years ago. Jess' actions put him at odds with Slim, who knows that Dixie is no longer the same man Jess knew. It takes awhile but Jess realizes that Dixie has become a merciless killer and he is forced to kill his old friend.moreless
  • Badge Of The Outsider
  • Trigger Point
    Trigger Point
    Episode 29
    Scotty and Jess are driving the stage on an alternative route when the stage is ambushed. Jess and the passengers are forced to walk through the desert without food or water.
  • The Tumbleweed Wagon
  • Bitter Glory
    Bitter Glory
    Episode 27
    Army paymaster Billy Jacobs and his young wife Ellie steal a $30,000 army payroll. All the while Ellie conspires with a gambler to betray Billy and escape with the money. Jess rides after the thieves and in an attempt to help his old friend Billy. Jess is wounded and captured but manages to help Billy foil the betrayal by Ellie and her partner, who are killed after a battle with the heroes.moreless
  • Killer's Odds
    Killer's Odds
    Episode 26
    Fred Powell is running from two hired killers when he collapses in Jess' arms. Slim gives Fred a job at the ranch where he proves to be a top hand even though he steals Slim's girl. Jess sees a lot of commonality between Fred's and his own life and intervenes when the gunmen come looking for Fred.moreless
  • The Debt
    The Debt
    Episode 25
    Jess's first act after hiring on as a deputy is to let murder suspect Harry Markle escape.
  • Two For The Gallows
    Two For The Gallows
    Episode 24
  • Run Of The Hunted
    Run Of The Hunted
    Episode 23
  • Rimrock
    Episode 22
    Slim discovers the body of Hap the snake-oil salesman and gets wounded himself. Jess trails the killer to Rimrock only to discover that the man he has been trailing might be the sheriff or his brother.
  • Mark Of The Manhunters
  • Riders Of The Night
    Riders Of The Night
    Episode 20
  • Cactus Lady
    Cactus Lady
    Episode 19
  • The Lost Dutchman
    The Lost Dutchman
    Episode 18
    Slim and Jess travel to Jackson City to purchase cattle only to find that the cattle were sold to someone else. Before they can leave town Slim is arrested and falsely accused of murder. While Jess is trying to clear Slim he gets mixed up with a bunch of people all hoping to get their hands on a map showing the location of the Lost Dutchman mine.moreless
  • Stolen Tribute
    Stolen Tribute
    Episode 17
    Jess is kidnapped and forced to lead an ex-con to the place where Jess killed his brother five years ago. The man is looking for the 80,000 gold eagles which his brother hid in the area.
  • Killer Without Cause
  • Man From Kansas
    Man From Kansas
    Episode 15
    Outlaw, Clay Jackson saves Jess' life just before Clay holds up the Laramie stage. Clay is more of a Robin Hood style outlaw; he leaves the driver alone, takes money from the banker, and gives some money to the poor farming couple who were on board. Clay's good deeds stand him in good stead when he is brought to trial and three out of four witness' help to clear him. The only people in town who do not appear to like Clay are: the banker, Slim, and Deputy Russ. Russ decides to use his old poker skills to clean out Clay, but makes the fatal mistake of picking a fight with him. Slim feels responsible for Russ' death and goes looking for Clay. While Jess likes Clay he feels like Slim is his brother and goes with him. They find Clay in the process of robbing the farming couple. In the final shoot out Clay nearly kills both men.moreless
  • The Passing Of Kuba Smith
    A sheriff looks just like Kuba Smith. Ruba takes advantage of that by killing the sheriff and leaving his body where Slim and Jess will find it.
  • A Sound Of Bells
    A Sound Of Bells
    Episode 13
    It is Christmas Eve and the stage pulls into the Sherman relay station under attack by Indians.
  • Duel At Parkinson Town
    Old man Parker wants to re-start the Parker/Sherman feud after his youngest son is found dead on Sherman land. Slim does not want to fight the duel but can't figure out who killed the boy. Old man Parker finally forces Slim's hand when he kidnaps Jess and threatens to hang him.moreless
  • No Second Chance
    No Second Chance
    Episode 11
  • Drifter's Gold
    Drifter's Gold
    Episode 10
  • License To Kill
    License To Kill
    Episode 9
    A bounty hunter arrests Jess and starts dragging him back to Colorado on a murder charge. Slim is deputized to insure that Jess will make it to Colorado in one piece. Slim has his hands full because the bounty hunter would just as soon kill Jess, Jess knows that there will only be a lynch mob waiting for him, and finally Slim has to face down the lynch mob and prove Jess' innocence.moreless
  • .45 Caliber
    .45 Caliber
    Episode 8
    Al and Wes Tory kill Marshal Cole leaving the new deputy, Vern Clark, in charge of Laramie. Jess, Clark and a small posse pursue the Tory brothers. The posse is lead straight into an ambush where Vern is wounded and then runs under fire. Jess saves Vern and kills Al but upon return to town let's everyone believe that Vern was the hero. Wes returns with his gang to avenge his brother's death. The final show down involves a hostage situation with Vern's wife as prisoner.moreless
  • The Dark Trail
    The Dark Trail
    Episode 7
    The stage line is willing to pay handsomely for horses and Jess knows someone who is selling cheaply. Jess heads south to buy horses from Sam Bronson. When Jess arrives he witnesses Sam running Sandy Kayle off the ranch for courting Sam's daughter. Jess gets the horses but his return trip is plagued with problems. First horse thieves try to take his stock. Next he finds a wounded Sandy who he tries to set on the straight and narrow while getting him medical attention. Sandy and Celie ride into Jess's camp looking for help because Celie's father is trying to break up the couple. Finally, Sandy hits Jess over the head and steals the stock. Jess catches up to Sandy after Sandy's partners have pinned Celie and he in a mine. After Sandy dies in the shoot out Celie discovers that Sandy was a first rate creep.moreless
  • The Long Riders
    The Long Riders
    Episode 6
    Slim and Jess rescue Luke Greg from the Sioux. Greg then joins the ranch as the latest hand. While Slim and Andy like Greg, Jess is suspicious. Jess can't figure out if he is jealous, spurious of Greg's gun fighting past, or if Greg has come to Laramie to kill Slim and Mort. It turns out that Greg is in town to locate Slim and Mort for a man named MacKeaver. MacKeaver shows up; shoots Mort and then comes to the ranch to kill Slim. However, Greg has a change of heart and dies protecting Slim.moreless
  • Ride Into Darkness
    Ride Into Darkness
    Episode 5
    Miner, Dan Preston, sends for Jess but when Jess gets to town no one will admit to knowing or even seeing Dan. One of the town's leading citizens actively leads the push to drive Jess away. Jess follows the only lead to a small cabin outside of town where someone knocks him out and then tries to burn him alive. Jess is rescued by Mae and then clued into what is going on with Dan.moreless
  • Ride The Wild Wind
    Ride The Wild Wind
    Episode 4
  • Three Roads West
    Three Roads West
    Episode 3
  • The Track Of The Jackal
    The jackal is a bounty hunter whom acting deputy, Jess is in conflict over suspected murderer, Sumner Campbell. Sumner is Jess' neighbor who confesses to Jess that he killed a man in Rawlins after the man tried to rape his wife. Sumner does not want to return to Rawlins as the man he killed was the son of the man who controls the town. Jess must protect Sumner from the bounty hunter, and the murdered man's family.moreless
  • Queen Of Diamonds
    Queen Of Diamonds
    Episode 1
    Slim Sherman's in love with June Brown, a winsome stranger. But Jess recognizes the girl --- as a professional blackjack dealer.