Laramie - Season 3

NBC (ended 1963)




Episode Guide

  • Fall Into Darkness
    Fall Into Darkness
    Episode 28
    Slim, Daisy and Mike are on their way home when the encounter Kathy Frances, a little girl whose mother has fallen into a well. Slim is about to send Daisy for help when three robbers show up. One of the robbers is Kathy's father.
  • Trial By Fire
    Trial By Fire
    Episode 27
    Lars Carlson has sent for a mail-order bride, but she doesn't show up. Dancehall girl Zoie Carter thinks marriage will make her respectable so she decides to take her place.
  • The Turn Of The Wheel
    Frank Mannus arrives in Laramie but his reputation got there first. Billy O'Neil remembers how Mannus treated his sister Abbey and intends to kill Mannus for it.
  • The Replacement
    The Replacement
    Episode 25
    Slim, Jess and Sheriff Corey shoot down an outlaw, who turns out to be a teenager. When the townspeople learn that their sheriff has been shooting children, they think it's time to replace him.
  • Justice In A Hurry
    Justice In A Hurry
    Episode 24
    Ev Keleher is looking for Arney Jackson who he thinks poisoned his water-hole and killed his cattle. When Jackson is found murdered, the sheriff arrests Keleher.
  • The Day Of The Savage
    Glenn Colton is waiting at the Sherman Relay Station for his fiance to arrive on the stage. While he is waiting, a band of Indians attacks.
  • The Dynamiters
    The Dynamiters
    Episode 22
    There is a large shipment of gold due to ship out of Laramie by stage and Jess has been asked to ride along.
  • The Runt
    The Runt
    Episode 21
    Sandy Catlin is trying to live a quiet, law-abiding life but his criminal family is making it hard by destroying his crops and threatening his wife.
  • A Grave For Cully Brown
    Out on a business trip, Jess help a man, Cully Brown, pinned down in a shootout. They drive off the others and Jess offers him a ride into town. Jess gets shot in the saloon by a man after Cully. Cully gets away and the Sheriff thinks Jess is Cully.
  • The High Country
    The High Country
    Episode 19
    Slim is trailing a horse thief when he meets up with cattleman Mel Bishop and his men in full-blown range war with Jason Duncan and his gang.
  • The Confederate Express
    Matt Grundy arrives at the Sherman ranch on his way into Laramie. Three men are after him and he claims it's because they want the $15,000 bank draft he has. Slim and Jess escort him into town but the sheriff is out of town.
  • The Runaway
    The Runaway
    Episode 17
    Teenager Bill Watkins gets mixed up with two saddle tramps named Johnny and Samson. The trio is bored, broke, and decide to rustle some cattle at the Sherman ranch to stir up a little excitement.
  • Shadows In The Dust
    Shadows In The Dust
    Episode 16
    Slim has been chasing down a rustler and finally corners him. Slim is wounded during the shootout but still manages to capture the rustler, a beautiful girl by the name of Jean Lavelle.
  • The Barefoot Kid
    The Barefoot Kid
    Episode 15
    Young Juan de la O is jailed in the town of Dry Springs for stealing Jess's horse. The townspeople are enraged by the youth's act and the court sentences him to hang.
  • The Perfect Gift
    The Perfect Gift
    Episode 14
    Two men, Wayne and Lon Cady, try to kill an Indian girl by the name of Winona and Slim stops them. According to tribal law, it means that the Indian girl belongs to Slim for life.
  • The Lawless Seven
    The Lawless Seven
    Episode 13
    When Jess finds out that horses he had ordered from a rancher by the name of Gorman were sold to the Army instead he gets angry. On his way home the next day, Jess is overtaken by a posse and accused of Gorman's murder.
  • The Jailbreakers
    The Jailbreakers
    Episode 12
    Gil Martin has returned to Cheyenne after getting out of prison to see his girl friend. Marshal Al Dawson, who doesn't like Martin and had warned him to stay away, shows up ends up killing Gina in the ensuing struggle.
  • The Killer Legend
    The Killer Legend
    Episode 11
    Jess Harper is serving as deputy sheriff in Sheriff Mort Cory's absence. Returning to the sheriff's office after his late night rounds he sees an intruder who turns out to be Tom Wade, a fast gun, who has been recently released from prison. Jess, later finds out, from Wade's wife Julie, that Wade is seeking revenge on Sheriff Mort Cory who he believes framed him for a crime for which he was sentenced to five years in prison. Wade believes that his ex-boss, Milt Lane, is the only friend that he has. But things are never as they seem.moreless
  • Handful Of Fire
    Handful Of Fire
    Episode 10
    Col. John Barrington refuses to accept orders from Slim Sherman, civilian scout, and continues with an attack on an Indian village. Barrington later escapes from detention during his court-martial with a few trusted men. He holes up in a cave which was the scene of a massacre of his men when he was a young cavalry officer twenty five years previously. His daughter, Madge, is on a stage which stops at the Sherman ranch when being attacked by Indians. Slim goes into Laramie to return her locket and is captured and taken to Barrington's cave. Can Slim persuade Barrington of the futility of his ways and avert an Indian war?moreless
  • Wolf Cub
    Wolf Cub
    Episode 9
    Jess saves the life of Lame Wolf who is being pursued by Earl Droody, a scalp-hunter. At the urging of Mike and Miss Daisy, Jess then trails Lone Wolf to show friendship and to offer help. Jess, who risks being charged with aiding a hostile, enlists the help of the Cavalry doctor to operate on Lone Wolf's leg to heal it.moreless
  • The Accusers
    The Accusers
    Episode 8
    Daisy Cooper stays at the hotel in Laramie whilst Slim attends a meeting of the stagecoach line in the local saloon with its manager Allen Winter and other employees. Carla Morton the owner of the hotel/saloon is murdered and Charlie Graves is arrested. The evidence is stacked against Charlie, but Daisy saw another man leaving Carla's room.moreless
  • Deadly Is The Night
    Matt Dyer and his gang rob the Granite City bank. The deputies don't think to check for the robbers at the bank president's home.
  • The Last Journey
    The Last Journey
    Episode 6
    John Cole arrives at the Sherman ranch with a seriously wounded Marshall Briggs. Slim suspects Cole of shooting the Marshall because of Cole's reputation as bank robber who has just been released from a 5 year prison sentence. Cole protests his innocence and swears that prison has changed him and that he and the marshall were ambushed by someone unknown. The Marshall confirms Cole's story and reluctantly Slim is persuaded to go with Cole to collect the $23,000 dollars which was stolen and which Cole says he intends to return. They call at Cole's homestead to see his daughter who hates him for the effect his crime has had on them and blames him for her mother's death. Whilst there, Danny Hode, the son of one of Cole's partners, attacks Cole because he is intent on revenge. Slim decides that they all need to go back to Laramie but Jonntry, the other member of the gang turns up and forces them all to go to collect the money. A series of plot twists and turns play out as the episode reaches it exciting conclusion.moreless
  • The Fatal Step
    The Fatal Step
    Episode 5
    Jess's friend Tad Kimball is planning to get married but doesn't have the money. He agrees to go along with Wes Darrin's plan to rob the stage even though he know Jess will be riding along as shotgun.
  • The Mountain Men
    The Mountain Men
    Episode 4
    Joe Vance, the man accused of killing Ben Sanford's son is being transported on the stage. Ben and his other two sons are planning on intercepting the stage and taking Vance and give him their type of justice.
  • Siege At Jubilee
    Siege At Jubilee
    Episode 3
    Slim catches bank robber Hobey Devon while in Cheyenne. Daisy then volunteers Slim to escort Devon back to Laramie.
  • Ladies Day
    Ladies Day
    Episode 2
    In order to keep guardianship of young Mike, Jess and Slim are looking for a housekeeper. Two woman arrive on the next stagecoach. Mrs. Cooper, who is dismayed to find out the property she thought she owned doesn't exist, and young Sally Malone.
  • Dragon At The Door
    Dragon At The Door
    Episode 1
    A wagon from a traveling Japanese circus breaks down along the trail. Slim and Jess tow the wagon back to the ranch in order to repair it. The members of the circus ask them to take care of 10 year old Mike Williams, an orphan. The circus folk rescued him from the scene of an Indian attack.moreless