Laramie - Season 4

NBC (ended 1963)




Episode Guide

  • Among The Missing
    Among The Missing
    Episode 1
    Mike is wounded when three outlaws rob the Laramie bank. The outlaws get away and Jess joins the posse to get a chance at revenge.
  • Lost Allegiance
    Lost Allegiance
    Episode 6
    Jess gets injured while tracking rustlers and ends up face to face with one of the outlaws. Turns out the face is very familar.
  • The Long Road Back
    The Long Road Back
    Episode 5
    Slim arrests Virg Walker but returning him to Laramie proves difficult. Along the way Slim encounters; difficulties with his prisoner, a friendly prospector, and a girl in distress. However, in this episode not everyone is what they appear to be.
  • Edge Of Evil
    Edge Of Evil
    Episode 25
    In an episode of multiple plot twists and double crosses, Jess finds himself in trouble involving an unattended mule packing gold. Involved with Jess are his newly-wedded friends, Canby (a sociopath prospector), and Canby's partners from whom Canby stole the gold.
  • The Betrayers
    The Betrayers
    Episode 16
    Jess is in Ironwood when he runs into an old friend, Chet Darby. Chet sets Jess up as a fall guy during a bank robbery and Jess gets sentenced to hang. With Slim unavailable it is up to Daisy and a pretty saloon girl to break him out. Jess then rides off to clear his name.moreless
  • The Marshals
    The Marshals
    Episode 29
    Jess rides to warn two marshals, bringing in a prisoner, of an ambush. Unfortunately, Jess catches a bullet in the chest. The nearest doctor is in Ironwood, a town controlled by the prisoner's brother. The marshals have a difficult situation with Jess at death's door and the doctor a hostage of their prisoner's brother.moreless
  • The Stranger
    The Stranger
    Episode 28
    Slim and Jess are losing cattle to a mysterious stranger, who leaves a gold piece for each animal he steals. The stranger turns out to be a Swiss mountain climber who is on the run from Deputy Vinton Maddox. After the stranger saves Jess' life, Jess discovers that the man is innocent. While Slim discovers that Maddox is a ruthless killer bent on covering up the truth.moreless
  • The Renegade Brand
    The Renegade Brand
    Episode 21
    Jess and the Stage Agent are robbed at the ranch and Slim sets off in pursuit. The only information Slim has about the thieves is that one was riding a big grey horse. Slim catches up to the horse and is forced to kill the rider. Slim's troubles have only begun as the thief hid the money before Slim caught him. The boy is also a well respected rancher's son. Slim has plenty of people shooting at him between the bounty hunters, the rancher, and the other two thieves.moreless
  • The Last Battleground
    Jess finds the remains of a US Army wagon that disappeared during the war with 60,000 in gold. It was suspected that Matt Sherman was involved in helping the Confederates steal the gold. Slim and Jess head off with two army officers in search of answers. Along the way they encounter an ex-army officer trying to clear his name, and two men trying to steal the gold.moreless
  • The Violent Ones
    The Violent Ones
    Episode 22
    Five years ago Jess crippled Bob Blayne's gun hand when Jess arrested him for robbery. Now Blayne's sons are out for revenge. Jess does not want to be pushed into a fight but when Slim is beaten half to death all bets are off. In the final shootout Jess gets help from an unexpected source, Bob Blayne.moreless
  • Badge Of Glory
    Badge Of Glory
    Episode 30
    Sam Logan turns up on former bounty hunter turned preacher, John Holby's doorstep. Sam is dying and asks that John claim the reward money in order to build a church. When Sam's brother Chuck learns of his brother's death he trys to kill John but wounds an innocent woman instead. After the town learns the truth about the bounty they turn on John and it is up to Jess to help protect him.moreless
  • No Place To Run
    No Place To Run
    Episode 18
    A former safecracker, Gandy Ross, is dealing with an outlaw who's trying to get him to return to his illegal profession.
  • Naked Steel
    Naked Steel
    Episode 13
    Slim heads to Riverton to discover who killed Marty Patterson and took the 3000 dollars he was carrying. Lee Christy was responsible for Patterson's death but a man named McKeever was the gambler who took Patterson's money. Slim's life is saved by Marshall Ben Tate when Christy goes gunning for Slim. Slim stays in town to help Tate and to wait for McKeever. McKeever arrives in town and robs the bank. Tate interrupts McKeever and his partner splitting the money and the partner is killed. Tate finds the money and decides to keep it. In the end Slim is forced into a gun duel with Tate.moreless
  • Vengeance
    Episode 14
    Joe Morgan is suspected of robbery and murder. When the posse tracks Joe into some rocks Slim breaks his collar bone. The following day Jess encounters Joe and the two shoot it out. Joe dies but two problems arise. The first is that Joe was only guilty of robbery and the second is that Jess' bullet hit Joe in the back. Joe's friends jump Jess and in the fight Jess' gun hand is injured. Things don't look good for Jess when Joe's two brothers show up gunning for him. Jess gets some unexpected help from Joe's girlfriend Gladys.moreless
  • The Dispossessed
    The Dispossessed
    Episode 20
    In route to a neighboring ranch Slim and Jess run into a family of anti-social Mustangers. Once they get to the ranch they discover that the ranchers have been hit by Comancheros. The Ranchers decide that the Mustangers must be Comancheros and ride out to attack them. Slim and Jess go along so that cooler heads will prevail.moreless
  • The Road To Helena
    The Road To Helena
    Episode 32
    Slim is in Cody when he meets bar maid Ruth and her father, David. The pair asks Slim to guide them to Helena, Montana. David wants to return some money he embezzled from Helena years before. Along the trail Slim faces many dangers including: a hazardous river crossing, a double cross by David, and multiple men after the cash.moreless
  • The Fugitives
    The Fugitives
    Episode 19
    While searching for robbers Slim is shot and left for dead. With snow coming in it becomes a race against time for Jess to find Slim. In desperation Jess resorts to breaking the robber who shot Slim out of jail in order to find Slim. The rest of the episode involves Jess tracking down and recapturing the crook and his gang.moreless
  • Trapped
    Episode 31
    Slim finds an injured kidnap victim in the woods. While Mike rides for help the kidnappers reclaim their pretty hostage. Slim pursues the pair and is mistaken for the third kidnapper by the girl's father.
  • War Hero
    War Hero
    Episode 2
    Jess is the bodyguard a Union Army hero, General George Barton, who is running for President.
  • Time Of The Traitor
    Time Of The Traitor
    Episode 11
    Steve Prescott is injured in a wagon accident and the doctor who is passing through is summoned from the Sherman Ranch. The doctor amputates Steve's arm, in order to save the boy's life. However, when Steve's father discovers that the doctor is Samuel Mudd he becomes enraged. Samuel Mudd was the doctor who set John Wilkes Booth's leg and has just been pardoned and released from prison. It is up to Slim to see that cooler heads and justice prevail.moreless
  • Bad Blood
    Bad Blood
    Episode 10

    Jess promises a boy he will take him to the father the child has never met. What Jess does not know is that the man is an outlaw.


  • Gun Duel
    Gun Duel
    Episode 12
    While Jess fills in for Mort he has Mort's nephew, Johnny for an assistant. The trouble is that Johnny isn't up to the task. Jess discovers two men beating up a woman but she won't press charges. The men are two thieves looking for their partner who disappeared with the proceeds from their latest robbery. When Johnny learns that Mort is bringing in a robber who was in route to Laramie to meet with his two partners Johnny goes after the two trouble makers and is wounded. The episode concludes with Jess being held hostage in the jail and being rescued by a cantankerous Parson who regularly spends time in the cells.moreless
  • The Sometime Gambler
    Herb Richards is an ex-gambler and occasional thief trying to go straight and locate his daughter. Richards' former partners show up and strong arm him into robbing the bank. Richards attempts to foil the robbery but his partners are left with the impression that he got away with the money. It is up to Slim and Jess to protect Richards and help him see his daughter one last time.moreless
  • Double Eagles
    Double Eagles
    Episode 8
    Al Denning and his gang murder and steal 20,000 gold eagles from the Laramie Bank. Jess and Mort set off with a posse composed of a rancher, the foreman who has been cuckolding his boss, a poor farm boy, and a drunk. Al uses the eagles to instill dissent amongst the posse with the plan to pick off the survivors. Jess turns the tide on Al and his gang but then has to face the greed of his own posse.moreless
  • The Sunday Shoot
    The Sunday Shoot
    Episode 7
    A mountain boy and his girl come to the big city of Laramie to compete in a shooting contest. After the boy wins it is up to Slim to see if he can help the pair return home, healthy and happy.
  • Broken Honor
    Broken Honor
    Episode 26
    When the stage is robbed Jess sets off in hot pursuit of the thieves. The thieves hide the strong-box on the property of the Halloran's. With Roy Halloran in a wheelchair the couple decides to keep the money.
  • Beyond Justice
    Beyond Justice
    Episode 9
    Slim and Mort are guarding a prisoner when their lives are complicated by the man's partners – who want him dead, a beautiful suffragette – who wants him free, and Daisy's old friend who wants to use the jail for a protest rally.
  • The Unvanquished
    The Unvanquished
    Episode 23
    Slim's newest hand Ben finds a pair of Arapaho camped on Sherman land. Ben threatens the Diamo's pregnant wife and is killed when Diamo tries to defend her. Tah-za, Diamo's father, witnesses Ben's death and advises Diamo and Winema to run while he hides the body. Slim catches Tah-za and arrests him. Diamo finds out and then try's to clear his father's name.moreless
  • Protective Custody
    Protective Custody
    Episode 15
    Slim's friend Mike Douglas is searching for his daughter, Alicia. Jess knows her as a saloon girl with a bad reputation. When Douglas finds Alicia she shoots him. Slim convinces Mort to put Alicia into protective custody at the ranch rather then in the town jail. While Douglas is at the ranch Alicia's boyfriend and his partner show up intending on stealing a mining payroll arriving on the next stage. The bad guys plan on using Douglas' position with the Stage Company to get the cash and it is up to Slim to stop them.moreless
  • Shadow Of The Past
    Shadow Of The Past
    Episode 4
    Jess thought his sister had died four years ago until she shows up in Laramie to bury her outlaw husband.
  • The Wedding Party
    The Wedding Party
    Episode 17
    Stacy Bishop divorced Gil three years ago and is planning on re-marrying. Slim and Daisy go to the wedding and attempt to prevent Gil from interrupting the ceremony.
  • The Fortune Hunter
    The Fortune Hunter
    Episode 3
    Kitty McAllen is being courted by newcomer Vince Jackson, which angers Slim. Slim and Kitty had planned to be married.
  • The Lost Dutchman
    The Lost Dutchman
    Episode 33