Largo Winch

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 10:00 AM Sep 09, 2001 on

Episode Recap

Two weeks after Largo's arrival at Group W, the pressures have Largo running away to Atlantic City with Simon. Kerensky finds out what they are doing, but agrees not to tell, causing Joy to hunt Largo down herself and bring him back to headquarters. Largo decides to follow through with a group retreat that Nerio had scheduled to try to foster some co-operation. The session is cut short however, when Stella Gant from the brewery operation is attacked by two men. Largo and Simon manage to overpower the men. One of the men is the brother of Mafioso John Valance. Largo finds that Nerio was allowing Valance to launder money through the brewery division.
Valance assigns his assistant, Scalese, to get rid of Largo. In the course of their investigation, Kerensky intercepts a video call between Scalese and his hired assassins and learns that Scalese is working for the Commission and plans on assassinating John Valance also so the Commission can take over Valance's operation as well as Group W. Stella helps arrange a meeting between Largo & Valance. Largo turns over a copy of the call. While they are talking, Scalese shows up, holding Stella as a hostage, accompanied by thugs with flame-throwers. Joy finally gets a shot at Scalese, who releases Stella. Largo, Simon & Joy overcome the thugs and save Valance. Largo then tells Valance that he's voiding the contract. Largo approves moving the banking department to Luxembourg and puts Stella in charge of it.