Largo Winch

(ended 2003)


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  • One of the best shows of my childhood!

    I accidentally happened across an episode of Largo Winch about 3 months ago and was totally hooked on the show right away. I have seen almost every episode (there are 39 episodes in total - including the 2 hour pilot) and am currently trying to record all of the episodes on DVD. (To date I have 18 recorded) The show has a lot of action and adventure and in addition, the episodes usually have a sub-plot as well as the main plot - so the episodes are never boring, move along well, and capture your interest. I feel that all of the actors in the cast were well picked and really play their roles well and are believable - as well as they have the chemistry required to make a show work and they all interact well with each other. This is definitely one of my all-time favorite shows, and I highly recommend it to anyone. Currently, it is playing on Showcase at 10:00 AM - EST in case you're wondering. A point of interest for the women...(in case you're not familiar with the show - and I can't resist saying this) Paulo Seganti is a major hottie and makes watching the show worthwhile just to FOR THE GUYS....Sydney Penny plays Joy Arden - Largo's female bodyguard - she does an awesome job and could very well be worth your interest....