Lark Rise To Candleford

BBC (ended 2011)


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  • 4 Series Wasn't Enough for this Fantastic Program...

    Admittedly series 1 was only a middling 6 Stars, at best, but if you can power through it to the Christmas Special you will find yourself watching amazing program the likes of which the likes of which you do not see every day.

    Despite how this might sound to some, I would call this television show a British Little House on the Prairie with an updated world view. If buy episode 2 or 3 of series 2 you don't see the brilliance of this show ( for what it is ) that is all the more lost to you.

    For very rarely is there such a clever, smart, witty, heartwarming, whimsical, serious and ridiculous television program. The characters will find their way into your heart and you will often find yourself smiling through just about every episode, if you're not alreally crying that is.

    Though I might suggest new viewers start with series 2 and, after the program is over, go back to watch 1, I would strongly recommend this show.
  • ARichoxfordboy

    While pleasant, and scenic, and some great moments, story lines are often left-incomplete.

    The failure of Dorcas Lane to ever marry or find happiness somewhat unreal, it depicts her as a know it all---can;t make a decision. not good.

    As a result the show is only "fair", and mediocre in story continuity.
  • Lark Rise To Candleford was written by Flora Thompson and first published in 1945. The books are written from the point of view of the author and deal with the life and times of that era. A gentle ride through a life that's no longer lived.

    Although substantially different from the books this show follows the theme and styles and picks out the best bits to bring about a gentle and addictive story of rural england.
    Passions and lives are lived tales are told and meddling and gossip abounds, it's pure heart warming television and enjoyably rich.
    The story follows Laura to Candleford PostOffice run by Dorcas Lane a cousin, we see the lives of her family in the hamlet of Lark Rise from wence she came, and the village of Candlefords people their lives, trials and tribulations.
    Key figures are Laura herself, her family, DOrcas Lane, Thomas Brown the Post Man, Zilla the housekeeper, Ruby and Pearl both sisters and dressmakers who love to gossip, and the manor house family Sir Timothy Midwinter and his wife Adeline. In Lark Rise we see Queenie and Twister, Caroline and Alf Arless, Laura's brother Edmund, Paxton who runs the Wagon and Horses pub and many more.
    for a nice watch i reccomend this show