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  • homelessness on larry king live a new trend

    being homeless is a drag can we air that live?
  • Larry King Live! and the Review

    I was a preteen when I started watching Larry King. I remember his smoking and suspenders. The shows were interesting until shortly after his episodes of heart problems and the affects of aging. I loved watching the call-in questions and comments. It reminded me of my youngster years and having Phil Donahue on the television. No other talk-shows seem to ever to be able to replicate what Larry King and Phil Donahue have done. Not even Sally Jessy Raphael's talk show with people calling-in.
  • Kind of boring at times...

    but it was great at other times. For some reason Larry King gets on my nerves but I like him too.
  • Kind of boring.

    I am not sure why, but I find that this show is quite slow and boring. The basis of the show is okay and the entertainment value can be fun, but most of the time I have a hard time staying awake. Plenty of what happens on this show is a bit tiring and also very brash. I don't really care much for Larry King, but he asks some decent questions. I will admit that I do not like to watch this show very much because it kind of makes me tired of news. The set is often what does everything in. Thank you.
  • just a really, really great show

    Larry King is empathetic, intelligent and highly entertaining. The show has good varied themes and guests. It's serious and fun. I've never been bored watching Larry King. People just get interesting on the show. And I love the fact that Larry doesn't take himself too seriously. And then he's a good dancer :)

    (why do reviews have to be a 100 words long? why do reviews have to be a 100 words long? why do reviews have to be a 100 words long? why do reviews have to be a 100 words long? why do reviews have to be a 100 words long? )
  • Thursday, July 26, 2007 topics indcluded recent home invasion w/3 family members murdered. Guest host Lisa...

    I am hoping to never see this Lisa person guest host for Larry again. I missed the very beginning of the show and did not catch her last name. I have a couple of complaints. Lisa was very free w/her opinions and it was reflected in the unprofessional way guests were questioned and treated. I expect that kind of show if I was watching someone like Nancy Grace or Geraldo (which I refuse to do). I do not expect, or experience, that from Larry. At one point Lisa was getting the horrific details about the home invasion from the local reporter whom she then cut off in his mid sentence to smile at and get a preview of Anderson Cooper's upcoming show. I was so caught up in the emotion of the story but was more insulted by her behavior that I can't really express it adequately. I have never reviewed a show prior to this. Please do not allow Lisa 'whoever' to guest host again.
  • Prime-time on every day, repeated in the evening and weekends. Larry is almost always the host with fill-ins occasionally. He is usually in studio and sometimes goes to other locations. The hour show is presented on CNN.

    This show is a priority on my list mainly because Larry interviews current event people and usually people that I can relate to or have interest in. This is a prime-time show and not a late late show! I can catch up on the episodes later that evening or weekends if I want too. Larry is low key and not flashy. Kind of bland when you compare the upbeat daytime shows and comedy atmosphere night talk shows. He basically is just doing straight forward reporting. He asks intelligent questions and is great at asking sensitive or personnal ones. The show, at least half of the time, has guests that you likely would not see on any of the other talk shows as well.
  • Something Judge Judy said last night on Larry King Live made me think. Disservice. Why do almost all "famous" people have no talent anymore? Whatever happened to being good at what you do? Why is there all this American protectionism?

    When I was young, a child in the 70s, I used to watch films, television and theater. Because of those actors, those unique, talented and trained actors, I became one, too, as did all those from my generation, the early 70s. TV was our baby sitter, our teacher and our outlet into Hollywood as well as the movie theaters. Programming was limited then. But one thing I remember, something I also trained for was this: talent. I always thought someone in a famous position should have talent, the skill to actually act, had trained formally and earned their chops in the theater. Now, if you happen to look a part, maybe sort of, why, you're in. Add some special effects, costuming, fast editing and that seems to be all it takes to be an actor in Hollywood, male or female. Special skills are a thing of the past. Theater performances seem irrelevant. Why, then, do people become actors today? Judge Judy made me really think about her use of the word "disservice". That is a very big word she used. If one thinks of how many actors are making major money compared to the amount of real talent out there, one can define disservice. Judge Judy was quite correct, what are these people doing? Further, what are most talented people doing? They are not given breaks. They are not even being considered. They are not being cast frequently enough. What has the standard become? Being pretty or handsome and being able to shake your body? Whatever happened to being a character, to telling a story? Why do we have all these gun movies? I have never ever seen so many gun movies. Now I know why. Those add to the overall disservice of talented people. Take away the guns from the movies and you have a group of talentless people with nothing to do. That explains a lot about these violent trends.
    Disservice to the acting community is showing. Go to the video rental stores and see what you want to rent. Hardly anything. Why, there are so few great stories out there that studios are distributing TV shows as video rentals!!! Whoever heard of that? Another irony is that Arnie Schwarznegger himself has kept production in California, proclaimed his deep devotion to the Americans as "keeping American films at home". I wonder if that had been applied to him, he would never be where he is today. Is that not hypocritical? Arnie wasn't even born an American, without that international break he would have been nowhere today. So is Arnie's message adding to the disservice of talentless people?
    Let us look at Hollywood North, the place I trained and dreamed of being an actor, Vancouver. Because of Arnie's decision coinciding with the BC provincial government's elimination of a film tax credit for foreign work in addition to our own tax department double taxing Americans, it is no wonder every actor, director, editor, writer, studio, photographer, model, service-related industries, etc have gone belly up. Canadian actors wonder if there is even tape in those video cameras as they audition because all the parts cast in Vancouver always seem to go to an American although there is this great hallubaloo about seeing Canadians. This is the current gag amongst the Canadian actors, American producers are pretending to audition them, they are not watching their tapes and they have zero consideration for huge parts.
    Then there is Arnie Schwarznegger demanding American work stay at home. Canadians aren't that stupid. We work so very very hard to make anything happen. Our country doesn't support our artists, only political correctness. So a Canadian's only option is to try where it counts. But how can we when we are subjected to this disservice?
    Further, it is disheartening to see very talented Canadians audition time and time again only to be not cast. A fellow friend of mine was actually hired in a US national (a $ 40,000 gig after being out of work for 3 years because of the film and studio bankrupcies) and was fired. Do you know why? They put an American in the role and that actor happened to be fired the day the union office was closed. Boy, that really works for the Americans, doesn't it? Talk about disservice!!!
    My point is that acting has become appropriated, isolated and not what it is, a true craft. Actors were never supposed to be good-looking and beautiful, they were supposed to be able to act. Our era gave us hope, ie, after being formally trained we thought some country might give us a break, like with Arnie, like with many others. But even those instructors who taught old school ways are long gone. The acting business has become a disservice to all actors around the world. When I hear about American casting calls in Canada I get a horrific taste in my mouth. I, long ago, having hated the treatment and obvious exploitation of Canadians dropped out and did my own thing. That's how I coped. But others have stuck to it, only to see them do what people do when they can't do their work, go insane. Thanks Arnie. Thanks Judge Judy for pointing that out, you clever woman you. Disservice. That says it all.
  • when is he going to die?

    this is one of the longest running talk format shows there is. it is the cornerstone to cnn, the first all news network. but to be honest i think it's best days are behind it. occasionally larry will have a guest worth watching, but not as often as the good old days.