Las Vegas Garden of Love

ABC Family (ended 2005)


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Las Vegas Garden of Love

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An ABC Family original reality series about a family off the beaten path...the Vegas Strip to be exact. Fifteen-year-old Johnny and his family run the Garden of Love wedding chapel, complete with happy couples, harried brides, cakes, bouquets and a monkey. His is not exactly a normal life but Johnny is doing his best to deal with the struggles, triumphs, failures, love and the laughter that keeps them rolling in the aisles.
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  • Some piece

    Hate the a very boring story! never wanna see that on a screan again!

  • these criminals should not be placed on a pedestal these crooks should be in jail or in card board boxes under a bridge i cannot elieve this dirty whore of a criminal is allowed to cunduct businessmoreless

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  • The only thing worse than real weddings..... is weddings on Tv.

    This was a shame to be aired after Whose Line on ABC Family. But they do air a lot of crappy movies with punny titles so I expected crap from them. Now basicly the entire show was about some hermaphadytes who had a Vegas Weddin Chappel and their boring fake lives. I'm suprised someone passed this crap for tv. Thank god it died fast.