Las Vegas

Season 1 Episode 23

Always Faithful

Aired Unknown May 17, 2004 on NBC
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Always Faithful
Danny is recalled to the Marines, effective in 24 hours. While he is getting his affairs in order, Mary has a visit from her father. Danny and Mary confront him together, and when he tells her that he has two little girls, she decides to tell his wife what he did to his first little girl. Meanwhile, the casino is dealing with counterfeit money, and Mike is at the forefront of solving the crime.moreless

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  • Great episode. I almost cried, it was beautiful!!!

    I really loved this episode. The storyline about the money didn't got my attention, because i was really into the storyline of Danny and how Mary handeled it. I LOVED Danny's goodbye party, with Ben Jelen's beautiful "Falling Down" on the background, i got goosebumps!!! And the goodbye with Ed was great and you saw how they care about eachother without saying it. I was stunned when he didn't say goodbye to Mary but when he was getting it that cab i knew he would go to Mary. When he was with Mary, i almost cried it was beautiful and really sad... When she said that he loved him i was bumped he didn't react on that, but i knew they belong to eachother. I also liked they end with mike and the beautiful song on the background when they were in the car. And i liked the last sentence of Danny: God i love this town!!! And then i wanted to see season 2 as fast as i could!!!!moreless
  • Anyone knows the song featured in the opening sequence (in the very first minute of the show, even before the CCR's song "Fortunate Son"). Thanks!

    One of my very favorite episodes of the series so far. If you own the DVD, watch that episode with the commentaries of the writer and Josh Duhamel, you'll learn interesting facts about the episode and the show, for instance that the show is actually shot in a studio in Hollywood and the production crew has to go to Vegas only for the outdoor sequences, they'll also tell you that while filming this episode, half of the cast & crew broke to tears, etc.

    BTW, anyone knows the song featured in the opening sequence (in the very first minute of the show, even before the CCR's song "Fortunate Son"). Thanks!moreless
  • Makes me cry... But absolute one of the best episodes ever...

    This is one of the best episodes in the series - every time I see it it makes me cry.

    The tenderness and the brutality mix with the all the cool people in the show...

    Love Danny Mccoy

    Love Josh Duhamel

    He is a great actor and as a person he seems to be really cool...

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  • Goodbye Danny.

    So in this episode Danny gets recruited back intot he army and there is no way out. In 24 hours he is going to serve in Iraq. Meanwhile Mary's father turns up and starts trouble but Mary and Danny deal with it. Also the casino is dealing with counter-fit money problem. Danny has a little going away party and everyone says their goodbyes. Finally Danny decides to go to bed with Mary before he goes off. She tells him she loves him then he leaves to go off. It was quiet a good ending to this season. Personally you could end the whole series with this episode. So where to next season? This season was a mix bag for me. Some episodes i liked some i didn't lets hope it gets better.moreless
  • I consider this episode one of the best this show ever made. I write this shortly before season four starts. A sad but excellent episode.

    I’m obligated to warn you about spoilers!

    So Danny is called into the service again. This is something that could mean his death, since there’s war in Iraq and as Danny says correctly: “Every day they bring home peoples in bags, some of them were my friends”. Danny is sure that he goes. He stays pretty calm on the outside, but is shaking on the inside. This is so obvious, that I have to call that great acting!

    His friends are shocked by this news and try to convince him to accept help and avoid this danger.

    Ed, big Ed, is busy with the property claims of an old ex con: A nice but uninteresting storyline.

    The much more interesting thing is the bad money. The story includes everything what Las Vegas makes a great show: the fist fights, the high pressure search for the bad guys and the technical play of Mike.

    Ed is the only one who really understands Danny and is divided. He would go as well, on the other hand Danny is like his son and the idea of him getting killed worries him. An old man crying? Not Ed! That’s why he leaves and obvious to everyone, but nobody blames him.

    Delinda is sweet, even though she comes a bit short, but she is reminded of her childhood – something she tries to forget partially.

    A propos childhood: Mary is shaking and falling apart twice in this episode. Both times she has every right to. She’s so hurt. She usually turns to Danny, but this time he’s hurting her again.

    Mary’s father visits. It would have been better when Danny and Ed killed him right away. I would have liked to see more of Mary fighting with herself calling her step mother to warn her about her father. It is a great plot line and would have deserved more space.

    The other event hurting Mary is Danny at the party. She hopes for nothing more that he leaves with her. Danny says goodbye to everyone, all know that he might never come back. Everyone also knows where Danny will end up tonight. To watch Mary at this moment is really cruel. She really loves him; it gets obvious in this episode, like never before.

    He was there for her all the time, since they were children. He protected her always, but only was with her at night. It’s still the same way.

    The scene where Danny shows up at Mary’s house is sweet. The show is very good at holding the time and giving the impression that Danny doesn’t come back. The end with Mike is nice as well, especially since it’s maybe the only scene where Mike doesn’t talk in this show.

    This episode and this show are almost the only ones who even bring up the theme about the Iraq war – and they are the only ones who really handle it well. It’s a sad episode, but a great one!

    I would have liked a bit more Mary – more character development – and more Delinda, instead of the old guy with his lawyer. Still the last 20 minutes are enough to make this a great episode!moreless
Nikki Cox

Nikki Cox

Mary Connell

James LeSure

James LeSure

Mike Cannon

Vanessa Marcil

Vanessa Marcil

Samantha "Sam" Jane Marquez

Josh Duhamel

Josh Duhamel

Danny McCoy

James Caan (I)

James Caan (I)

Edward "Big Ed" Melvin Deline

Marsha Thomason

Marsha Thomason

Nessa "Ice Queen" Holt

Richard Bakalyan

Richard Bakalyan

'Fast Tommy' Polone

Guest Star

Casey Sander

Casey Sander

Frank Connell

Guest Star

John Terry

John Terry

Larry McCoy

Guest Star

Mitch Longley

Mitch Longley

Mitch Sassen

Recurring Role

Guy Ecker

Guy Ecker

Detective Luis Perez

Recurring Role

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  • TRIVIA (5)

    • While the Army started calling their reserves back to duty in 2004 (March), the Marines didn't begin calling their IRR people back until 2007 (January), yet Danny, a Marine, was called back in 2004.

    • Ben Jelen's lip syncing is fairly obvious, because while filming, music is played until a character (main characters only, usually) is cued to speak. Since the song Jelen was singing was altered slightly from the original version (instead of the name Isabelle, Las Vegas used Mary for fairly obvious reasons) the syncing of the filmed version and the audio track don't line up as well as they could.

    • Danny is wearing his uniform at the end with extremely long hair for a Marine.

    • At the beginning of the episode, when Sam tells Mary that her dad is looking for her - Mary is wearing a green sweater - camera focus shifts to Sam and back to Mary - the sweater is gone.

    • At the end when Danny is being driven to his duty, they obviously circle around Las Vegas Blvd. quite a number of times, as they show hotels out of chronological order numerous times (e.g. Paris hotel, followed by a couple of hotels, and then the Bellagio- which is right opposite the Paris hotel, so they must have doubled back.)
      Finally, they show them going back TOWARDS Paris hotel, i.e. going back INTO the Strip, rather than leaving it like they were doing before.

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  • NOTES (4)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Vždy věrný (Always Faithful)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Denmark: June 25, 2004 on TV3
      Germany: January 27, 2008 on kabel eins
      Czech Republic: March 17, 2009 on TV Nova
      Slovakia: March 22, 2010 on Markiza

    • Featured Music:
      "What's Going On" by Marvin Gaye
      "Wind Cries Mary" by Jimi Hendrix
      "Fortunate Son" by CCR
      "Falling down" by Ben Jelen (At the Mystique)
      "Long As I Can See The Light" by CCR (Closing scenes)

    • The episode title "Always Faithful" is the English translation of the Latin phrase "semper fidelis". "Semper Fi", the short version, is the motto of the Marines.