Las Vegas

Season 3 Episode 12

Bait And Switch

Aired Unknown Jan 02, 2006 on NBC

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  • Las Vegas Episode Review

    In this episode of Las Vegas Titled Bait and Switch some diamonds get stolen at the Montecito pool while a music video is being shoot at the pool the police can not be called on request of the jeweler and investigating gets harder for the security team mean while a guest says that he can win when he want at the craps table in the casino meanwhile everbody think Mike is something that he is not thanks to a flyer going around on the casino floor over all a great episode of Las Vegas with some great stories that mix well for a great episode
  • Yet another hilarious and brilliant episdoe

    It was interesting seeing sparks between Danny and Delinda be rekindled, and then to see the two of them standing next to each other at the end of the episode while the concert is going on.

    Ed was, as always, brilliant and histerical in this episode as he tried to protect one man from a debt collector of sorts.

    Mike had his hands full dealing with flyers showing him well endowed and as a stripper. Sam and all the other women desire him and Mike won't stop until he has proven that it is not him, and that means inviting all of the women upstairs to give them a demonstration from the real stripper (played by the real actor). A great episode, this series just keeps getting better and better.
  • back to classic vegas

    lets be honest with eachother

    nobody watches las vegas for is realism of its csi like attention to details

    we watch because its fun (it helps to be slightly drunk to prevent thinking about the plot)

    after a slow start this season we get back to were the series shines

    no not acting, inuendo, with references to porn tapes, sizes of packages, women throwing themselves at mike, delinda and danny buzzing around eachother like horny bees etc

    wel this episode has 2 "plots" the first and main one is about diamonds going missing during a video shoot with another las vegas classic the celebrity guest who can't act and ed helping the two time loser(willie garson has the "tiny irritating moron" bit down to an art) as always danny solves the crime with some odd way of finding the evidence (1000 plus camera's and he uses the one from the amateur porn filming couple).

    the second one involves mike and ed getting a getting a guy who cheats with dice, done before but with some nice gadgets (camera in a chip ) it is entertaining

    this weeks fun part is that all the women think mike has a second job as a stripper, and one with a big package, still he is network nice in taking up any of the offers he gets, and like a choirboy he tells the thruth (like i said don't try to think to much)

    still, as i said, as long as you don't take it to serious it is a very entertaining show, with hot women for the men and hot guys for the women
  • It isn't exciting, but good after all!

    In this episode everything is how it’s supposed to be. Mike is in his techniques, Ed is just the boss with the ideas and Danny doing his job also well with his search for the diamonds.
    But this episode isn’t really exciting. The really big funny scenes are missing, even the Mike as stripper is quite funny, but not involved in the basic storylines.
    On the positive side of this show surly is that everything is again turning around the shows basics (Ed, Danny, the casino and all the trouble around it).
    The second really positive point is that it seams that were going to see some relationships involving Danny, but its open witch girl it’s going to be.
  • Mike the stripper, classic.

    Pretty good episode. The plotline of Mike the stripper was wonderful. The nasty video girl stealing the diamonds was obvious. I don't want Delinda and Danny getting back together. I love Danny and Mary together. I did like how Ed and Danny got the money out of the video girl to help out the broke guy.
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