Las Vegas

Season 3 Episode 12

Bait And Switch

Aired Unknown Jan 02, 2006 on NBC



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    • Danny: (asking frantically) They're using real diamonds?
      Mary: Danny, they're keeping it real!

    • Mary: There's a... bulge in his pants.
      Danny: We're looking for diamonds, we're not looking at frickin'...
      Mary: Well, how could I not look?! It's not right at all! Look at it!

    • Mike: For me to get close to a woman, there has to be an emotional connection.
      Danny: Oh, that's the gayest thing I ever heard.

    • Danny: (questioning Delinda about the stolen diamonds) So, uhh, did you notice anything unusual at the video shoot?
      Delinda: I'm not wearing any panties.

    • Mary: Danny, you know, there's a lot of places you could hide loose diamonds... especially women.
      Danny: That's why we have female security guards to frisk them.
      Mary: I'm talking about places frisking won't reach.
      Danny: Right... Alright, I'll bring in the X-ray machine.

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  • Allusions

    • X-Ray Machine

      Danny brings in an X-Ray machine to search for the missing diamonds. X-Ray machines have been—and still are in some places—used in diamond mines to search miners at the end of each day.