Las Vegas

Season 3 Episode 8

Bold, Beautiful And Blue

Aired Unknown Nov 14, 2005 on NBC

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  • After some time now the story is getting better again. Some interessting decissions were made and we'll see what's going to happen.

    Finally something happened again after the last „complete waste of time episode“. I sure still miss the simplicity of the old episodes, where we saw all characters with their problems and their socializing with each other. But this was the first time something new happened around here. Ed is willing to finally quit his job - we’ll see if he can stand it, after Monica took is Aston Martin DB9. But it was funny to see how Monica tried everything to get him back. The ideas were quite impressive 450’000$ car and the music (with self written lyrics). Well it all helped nothing. After she apologized to Ed, I thought first: is that the new Monica (we saw her crying to the beginning of the show), but then her ego takes her back again. She really demands an apology from Ed too. The story had much more fun and jokes in it, than all the other episodes of this season. The best example might be the “Hooters” conversation including Monica, Sam and Mary. A propos Mary: Why is she back at the casino? I mean Ed rehired her for the hotel manager he couldn’t work with, but Monica still has “her” hotel manager in position. So what’s Mary doing there? I haven’t seen any answer to that, although it’s nice to have her back. Danny finally is back in action at the security completely without Mike. I have to say, it’s more fun that way. Mike is hilarious too in this episode, while he tries to find out about the used magic.
    I was most surprised by the home of Ed. His House is huge and “his mountain” is priceless. Even as CEO of a multi-billion dollar company you usually don’t earn so much, especially not, when the company isn’t in stock exchange index or you aren’t at least an owner of some stocks or options. But that’s just by the way.
    Closely to the surprise above came to me, that Monica announces Danny as new president of operations. Well it wasn’t that surprising, because Danny was always Ed’s right hand. The surprise for me was that Monica replaces Ed and doesn’t try to do the job by herself. I mean you don’t need a CEO and Chairman/-women to work at the same time for the same things. If you’re the owner (or chairman) you hire a CEO to do your job and you just check his work. So when you try to do daily business you simply don’t need a CEO.
    But all this doesn’t mean that I’m not happy for Danny. I really can’t wait to see how he does in his new position. I think first he’ll sit in Ed’s office and relay on that chair and smile to his friends witch are now his employees.