Las Vegas

Season 2 Episode 24


Aired Unknown May 23, 2005 on NBC

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  • Perfect

    I watched this episode five (5) years ago, and I watched today Sept 13, 2009 and still think is one of the best finales I have watched in TV in many years,in many series over the years. I think it was the best episode of Las Vegas in its entire season. Sad ending with Danny McCoy news of his father death and Nessa departure to England, also Mary Connell going away to Hawaii and Sam resigning. Remarkable appearance by Gladys Knight and the Pipes, I liked that part very much, it reminded me of youth years. It prepares the audience for a new third season. Perfect Score.
  • With what simply was a goodbye to every character on the show, 'Las Vegas' proved once again it does season finales like no other.

    There where the previous episode was boring and forgetful, 'Centennial' kicks off with a short but memorable history of the city itself. Seeing the crew together listening to stories of an old man is as nostalgic as this episode gets, because before we know it, trouble has infiltrated everyone's life. The episode focused a lot on Nessa, giving this last-in-line character the spot light she deserved. Though her send-off was quit sudden and unresolved (much like the exit of Cox two years later), it was nice to see Thompson being able to show off her talent for once. The scenes between Nessa and Ed through out the episode reflected the charm of the show; dramatic and sometimes emotional, but always light-hearted and entertaining enough to rise above the soap-level. While it was fun to see Bon Jovi and some football legend playing tricks on each other back and forth, having Knight over to sing the final heartwarming song was the eye-catcher of the evening. The episode built perfectly up to the very end (which may have been dreaded out too long), but it came to a nice open ending. Sam showing her true emotions and love for the Montecito and it's staff was endearing, and underappreciated by the time limit, Ed running/speed walking after his daughter(s) took a plane to London was pretty exciting too. But having Danny's dad dying suddenly, not short after we said goodbye to Luis, was just plain shocking. Not to mention we'll always miss out on the Danny/Mary love that never came to be. Basically everyone had left the Montecito, including Mike who was to go off with his aunt on the road, except for Danny, who obviously had other stuff going on, so when the final seconds came up and the legendary hotel was blown to pieces (which for 2005 was some awesome CGI work, I must say) we were all left with a hole in our stomach of how this show could ever reprise. Luckily it did for a little while, because we got to enjoy much more goodness that was this show, and for three more times, Gary Scott Thompson treated us with huge cliffhangers that were done so big, that better viewed shows could learn a thing or twelve from him.
  • I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooved it.

    It’s the best and worst that a season finally could be. The best cause its just all come together in an end. Nyssa and her situation with her sister. Dalenda going with her don’t make any sense but why not? Mary and Jake they look cute together but I don’t know why there is something I don’t like about him, like he’s hiding something but maybe its just me not believing that Mary finally liked someone other then Danny. The explosion of the Montecito. I had tears on my eyes. First I was in a shock of Danny’s father death and then ((bamb)) gosh. Its really the best series ever.
  • very sad episodes, but a great season final!!!!

    I thought it was a very emotional episode, because Mary leaves and forget to say goodbye to Danny!!! Also his date tells him that his father died in a caraccident. And ofcourse everyone was curious what would happen with the Montecito and who would be the owner!!! Mary and Jake were going to Hawaii and you could see Mary was not sure to go to Hawaii because of Danny, every episode you can see the thing between them, some people call it 'True Love'. It was a lovely episode and the acting was again great and especially Danny and Mary were great!!!
  • I love this episode

    There are many things going on in this episode. The main point is the sale of the Montecito and the big question of who will buy it. With a very emotional subplot of Nessa finding out about her father and other family and that Ed lied to her.

    However, my favorite part of this episode is with Jon Bon Jovi and John Elway running around the casino playing practical jokes on each other. When I watch it I could imagine that rich and famous could (and probably) would do this. I thought it was great to watch the fun they were having. And the end, seeing the empty casino and the pending implosion and not knowing who bought it until next season.

    Great season finale!!!!
  • I found it very sad and important.

    All i remember thinking was Danny had better stop Mary. He had better stop her from leaving. He loves her and she loves him but he needs to prove it. I thought this would be the episode where this would happen. I didn't think Mary would seriously leave with Jake. I at least thought Danny would have said good bye. I can't believe Nessa is gone and Sam left too. It seems everybody left! I know Nessa will stay gone but I'm not sure about the others. I know Danny will stay he has to and Ed too they are important charaters and so were the others so what will we do without Nessa?
  • it was great

    in this episode we find out who sams husbands is, we find out that there are 4 buyers that could be buying the casino, and also mary leaves with mitch on a plane also nessa leaves for london and we see that delinda is with her.
    and mary leaves without saying goodbye to danny.
    it was sad and it was a tearjecker soo bring the tissues
  • This episode makes for a bizarre depature from the regular format of the show. Instead, at the end, we have what is PROBABLY a dream sequence. The casino blows up, the series ends......

    This episode makes for a bizarre depature from the regular format of the show. Instead, at the end, we have what is PROBABLY a dream sequence. The casino blows up, the series ends......

    Now I'm not a big fan of the dream sequence. What's worse is when you don't know for sure if it even IS a dreamsequence. With the destruction of the casino (BIG explosion) the series apparently ends. My local channel billed it as a SERIES FINALE, instead of a SEASON FINALE.

    I felt cheated, as all these different plot threads are completely unresolved, and you don't know who blows up the casino, and if anyone was still inside.

    So I'm pretty sure it must have been a dream sequence, because nothing about the end few minutes made sense. Dream sequence? Apparently it has to be, because LV has a third season coming.

  • i was so suprized with this ep.

    i can not believe what they are doing. i cannot wait for the new season to start. they way they ended it i felt so bad for danny. it was not a huge cliffhanger but still. they leave you wondering whos gonna keep there jobs whos gonna get fired or quit. whats gonna happed with danny. well then next season cannot come soon enough
  • I can't wait for the new season.

    I think we will get to see some new and interesting things in the new season, first of all a new set. A lot of things were left in the air, well that's why they call them cliffhangers. I was shocked that Danny and Mary didn't have a chance to talk, it was obvious that they both wanted to and I think we can all assume that she'll be right by his side as he deals with losing his father. I think once again this was a cleverly planned out episode and I'm sure I won't be disappointed when the show comes back in the fall.
  • I could not believe my eyes.

    I still do not believe my eyes as I believe this final episode was a dream of one of the Monte Cito staff. The three previous episodes to this one had all been weird in their own way. Mary wanting to leave Danny, a 'floating' vampire, and then Sam's husband. I think something has happened to Sam and that she had dreamt the last few episodes as they have all been surreal. This was the most as Mike's aunt was revealed, John Elway and Bon Jovi Pranking in the hotel, Danny's dad dying, Mary leaving, Mike Leaving, Sam leaving, Nessa and Delinda doing a runner to England, the whole thing seemed fake. Then the sudden destruction of the MonteCito was unbelievable as we should have seen Ed trying to stop it. I think the episode is a dream and if it isn't then may I say what a mistake it was by the writer's to end the series like that and break up the cast of one of the best shows I have seen in a long while.

  • Most of the major cast fear for their jobs as the season ends and the casino is about to be sold.

    Most of the major cast fear for their jobs as the season ends and the casino is about to be sold. The final seconds show the Montecito actually being demolished so I guess we'll have a new location for this returning series. Ed doesn't seem to be worried about who the winner in the bid to buy the Montecito leading me to wonder if he hasn't somehow managed to buy it himself. With his connections, it wouldn't be entirely impossible. The demolition at the end comes as a bit of a surprise with little explanation provided as to why the new owner, whoever that actually is, has decided to start over.