Las Vegas

Season 4 Episode 2

Died In Plain Sight

Aired Unknown Nov 03, 2006 on NBC

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  • good twist for the series

    this series has some great new and old actors, that combine make it a great and adventurous episodes. In this one we see how the past is trying to cacth up with ed deline and he has to make some arrangements to have it fix. The way he manages the situation and keeps all under raps and gets away with it is amazing.
  • Ed leaves, Ed's back. The staff is told no hanky-panky in the office, like that's going to happen. And, shocker, the Montecito my be up for sale...again. Just another day at the office I suppose.

    I have to be honest. Last season built some nice momentum at the end. Delinda's impending nuptials when it's obvious she's in love with Danny, Mary and Casey seemingly hooking up, And Ed being shot. Great cliff-hangers. Now, two episodes into a shortened season, and I'm feeling, well, let down. They've really just kinda bull-dozed their way through these first two outings. The whole sexuall harrassment seminar, while offering some potential humor, was a complete waste of time, but not nearly the waste of time building the whole "Ed's going undercover" debacle. What a ridiculous waste of a storyline that turned out to be. Why in the world did Ed have to go to Morocco, just to fly right back home and take care of business right there in Las Vegas? And, please, please, please either allow Mary to get over herself, or get rid of her. This is really getting annoying. I did like Mary, but she's become this whiny, sniveling, angry, one-dimensional character. It really is sad and pathetic.

    And what is up with the revolving door of ownership of the Montecito. Is it me or do they seel this place every season? That is getting old too. My guess is Sam is going to end up owning the place before long!

    I can only hope that the remaining episodes pick up some momentum and return the show to the guilty pleasure it once was.
  • We pick up from last weeks episode with Ed in Morocco, Sam in Hawaii, and Danny, Delinda and Mary in a triangle.

    Mary is acting like a spoilt child over Danny and Delinda’s relationship and is confronting her Montecito pals about it, to add to the matter all the hotel & casino employee’s had to attend a sexual harassment seminar where it was pointed out that Danny and Delinda’s relationship is wrong, eventually Danny gathered up all the staff and informed them that Delinda and himself are an item, again much to Mary’s displeasure. On a personal note I’m not sure why the story writers have done this to Mary’s character, okay we all know she’s felt betrayed by her friends not telling her in the first place but I really liked the old Mary and thought her and Casey would develop.

    Ed’s trip to Morocco didn’t last long and he was back in Las Vegas within a day, we quickly learn that he went to find out information regarding a mark he was supposed to have eliminated whilst at the CIA but with the help of Danny we find his mark Karim Sharif alive and well living in Vegas, in fact Ed did not kill him but saved him and brought him to Vegas to live, unfortunately his old CIA pals get wind of this and decide to finish off what Ed could not, again with the help of Danny and also Mike Ed devisee’s a plan to kill Sharif in front of his CIA bud’s, of course it’s all an act to fool the watching CIA and get Sharif safely away again.

    Sam still has her hands full in Hawaii, with the help of Mike they have decrypted the data key to find it’s a list of the top 100 whales, Sam also suspects her imprisoned whale could be innocent of killing the hooker found in his apartment and again with Mike’s help track’s down the real murder, back in Vegas Sam is confronted by Vic Manning ( Casey’s Bro ) who tells Sam he’s madly in love with her, when she turn’s down his advances he let’s slip that Casey is about to sell the Montecito, naturally Sam being Sam need’s to know and will do anything to find out.

    All in all Died in Plain Sight was a really good episode and a lot better than the opening one ( Father of the Bride Redux ), it also tried up a couple of lose end’s from last week and opened up a new and important one. This weeks episode was well balanced and didn’t concentrate on one particular area or character.

    Just a couple of things that puzzled and caught my attention.
    Why Shannon, what is her purpose? Is it to give Mike another love interest, if so then where’s Sarasvati, surely the writers haven’t written her character out of the show.
    Also if true why is Casey selling the Montecito when he fought so much for it with Monica Mancuso in season 2/3, was it just a ploy by Vic to get Sam into bed or will we see a new and unsuspected owner.