Las Vegas

Season 4 Episode 2

Died In Plain Sight

Aired Unknown Nov 03, 2006 on NBC

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  • Ed leaves, Ed's back. The staff is told no hanky-panky in the office, like that's going to happen. And, shocker, the Montecito my be up for sale...again. Just another day at the office I suppose.

    I have to be honest. Last season built some nice momentum at the end. Delinda's impending nuptials when it's obvious she's in love with Danny, Mary and Casey seemingly hooking up, And Ed being shot. Great cliff-hangers. Now, two episodes into a shortened season, and I'm feeling, well, let down. They've really just kinda bull-dozed their way through these first two outings. The whole sexuall harrassment seminar, while offering some potential humor, was a complete waste of time, but not nearly the waste of time building the whole "Ed's going undercover" debacle. What a ridiculous waste of a storyline that turned out to be. Why in the world did Ed have to go to Morocco, just to fly right back home and take care of business right there in Las Vegas? And, please, please, please either allow Mary to get over herself, or get rid of her. This is really getting annoying. I did like Mary, but she's become this whiny, sniveling, angry, one-dimensional character. It really is sad and pathetic.

    And what is up with the revolving door of ownership of the Montecito. Is it me or do they seel this place every season? That is getting old too. My guess is Sam is going to end up owning the place before long!

    I can only hope that the remaining episodes pick up some momentum and return the show to the guilty pleasure it once was.