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Anyone know what the term "color him out" mean?

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm watching the episode "Chaos Theory" and Ed uses the term "color him out." I'm not sure what it means. The context: He wants to talk to the gambler, who agreed to go with him. As the gambler was pushing his chips towards to dealer, Ed says "color him out."

    I used Google and couldn't find anything. Actually, the results I got back were very nil to search terms such as: definition of "color him out" OR What does "color him out" mean? I tried other variations, even "color him out" Vega but none of the results seem to fit the context.

    I'm wondering if anyone here knows what the phrase means.


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    Gambling Terms

    Color Up - To trade lower-denomination chips for larger denomination chips. Also known as "to color out."
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