Las Vegas

Season 5 Episode 15

Guess Who's Coming To Breakfast

Aired Unknown Jan 25, 2008 on NBC

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  • Will all this good sprit at the Montecito going to last? Or are we in for a shock.

    I think this was a nice filler episode, lot's of fun and a feel good episode, Mike and Piper getting married after a drunken 'business trip' to hire a new cocktail bartender the going through all the up's and downs having second thoughts at getting the wedding annulled, we ended the episode with them still married and getting on great but will this last?

    Sam reunites a grandson and grandfather or at least that's what I was led to believe though it could easily have been Uncle and nephew or god father and godson, anyhow the grandfather was know as a 'cleaner' and no not the type that goes around bumping off people for money but the type that cleans clothing so that unsuspecting wife's ( and husbands ) don't catch on that their partners/spouse's are going to strip bars instead of playing a round of golf.

    Danny was trying to impress Cooper with another plan on how to bring more revenue into the Montecito plus juggling Delinda's needs at the same time. I know Las Vegas is coming to it's season end and so we are due for that nail-biting cliff-hanger finale, everything has been going smoothly this season and apart from the first couple of opening episodes we've not had anyone in a life threatening situation ( I don't count Mikes near electrocution and fire miss in Cannons Christmas Carol as that was a silly episode ).

    Don't get me wrong I love feel good episodes once in a while but we now need to get back to some real action storylines that will leave us wanting season 6.