Las Vegas

Season 2 Episode 1

Have You Ever Seen The Rain?

Aired Unknown Sep 13, 2004 on NBC

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  • A GREAT episode with a lot of emotional moments and Nikki and Josh are great in the scenes they did together!!!

    Well i loved it that Danny came back from the war!!! He stands behind Mary and taps her on the shoulder when she turns around she can't believe he's back and of course they make out. Then Danny is a bit weird he's standing sometimes alone and then he's thinking about the war and something bothers him. He says to Mary he can't wait until dinner and he wants to be with her now!!! He meets Mary at her place and after Mary tells him she is not holding him to anything, HE PROPOSE to her. She doesn't say yes immediately. Danny is also awake for more then 48 hours and has still flashbacks from the war. there's a other storyline but that's was just to fill the episode. At the end Danny freaks out and goes to a hotel, Ed and Mary find out were he is and Ed goes to Danny inside and says to Mary that it's better if she waits outside. Ed asks Danny what is bothering him and he says he had to ask for a air-strike right on top of them and he was the only one that survived, he doesn't sleep anymore because he has no one to watch his back. I really liked the scene with Ed and Danny because you find out ed had to do the same thing and then he says to Danny that he has to take a shower, so he can clean himself up. Then he falls asleep on the bed while REM is playing with Leaving New York and then Ed says I'll watch your back, son! I thought that was really a great line and then also Ed is sleeping and the Mary comes in and watch Danny sleeping. When that happens your hear some lines of Leaving New York and the lines are really great with the scenes because they say: I told you, forever,
    i love you, forever.
    I told you , i love you,
    i love you, forever.
    I told you, forever,
    i love you, forever.
    I told you, i love you,
    i love you, forever.
    And i thought it was really sweat and very emotional, it is one of my favourite episodes