Las Vegas

Season 5 Episode 12

I Could Eat a Horse

Aired Unknown Jan 04, 2008 on NBC

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  • Loaded with allusions to the actors' real lives/relationships.

    This episode was a pleasant and refreshing surprise. Danny and Mike ventured out of Las Vegas for a little adventure in Wyoming. It's during this trip that we find that Cooper's Wyoming neighbors REALLY hate him. Of course, we don't learn why, building the mystery that is AJ Cooper. We also learn that self-proclaimed horse expert Mike is allergic to horses and anything equine-related. James Lesure delivers some fine physical comedy when he's rendered unconscious by a horse's tail. What better accompanying music than The Statler Brothers' "Older Women Make Beautiful Lovers" when local beauty Libby straddles Mike to administer a shot of epinephrine?

    Meanwhile back at the casino . . . Sam pulls double duty consoling Piper over an on-and-off again relationship with singer William (JC Chasez) and running interference for a chubby chasing whale and his newly svelte girlfriend. Delinda takes her turn handing the tissues to weeping Piper between interviews with new chefs. Mercifully, in this episode Delinda did something besides whine and nag Danny. She held the line against a pushy sushi chef and finally settled for "John from Toledo," a self-taught chef who could whip up some mean risotto. I suspect we'll see John again in the future, or at least I hope so--there's some potential material for Delinda grooming the eager and untested but talented chef. But the writers really scored by weaving subtle allusions to the stars' private lives into the details of the plot and dialogue. Danny, in particular, delivers numerous references to Josh Duhamel's home state and relationship with Fergie. Those little winks and nods turn television watching into an active pass time for viewers. More episodes like this one are likely to keep Las Vegas on the network's radar, provided, of course, the writers strike ever ends!
  • Las Vegas returns after the holiday break with a really decent episode.

    The writers gave each character a part play in this weeks episode, even Piper got more air time than she usually doe's. Though Cooper was only briefly seen at the start and near to the end I don't think this story is finished as of yet and we'll find that there's more to A.J Cooper the ranch owner then A.J Cooper the Casino owner, it sounds as if he's made a lot of enemies in Wyoming.

    As I said the writers did well and gave all the actors/characters a decent amount of air time this week ( if you can give them all a decent enough time in 1 hour ) and the episode didn't become stale or boring, as one reviewer stated especially liked the references to Josh Duhamels relationship to Fergie from Black Eyed Peas, I remember in either season 1 or 2 where the BEP's came to the Montecito but cannot remember if Josh was dating Fergie at that time, anyway I off on a tangent.

    Together Josh and James are a class comedy act as Danny and Mike and ( god forbid ) if Las Vegas ever ended it would be a good spin off to have Josh and James in there own show.

    As I said a really decent episode to get us back into the new year at the Montecito.