Las Vegas

Season 3 Episode 9

Mothwoman (1)

Aired Unknown Nov 21, 2005 on NBC
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Mothwoman (1)
The Montecito hosts a comic book convention. Mary is checking into the Montecito for a while. Sam is after the black book of one of the world's greatest casino hosts, who just died. Monica wants Danny to be less like Ed. Danny is worried about the Montecito and calls somebody behind Monica's back.moreless

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  • This episode marks a turning point, the point where "Las Vegas" lost its credibility. A very sad moment, and an insult to its viewers...

    After two full (entertaining) seasons, it seems the writers made fun of an entire community of fans. The outcome of this episode is so absurd and pulled by the hair that it takes away any further interest in the show, and nothing can be done about it. A very bad moment of television and a great disappointment...
  • Loved it! Thought the end was crap though. But it had it's up side. No More Monica!! Yeah!

    I thought this was pretty good episode actually. All the usual stuff, finding and dealing with cheaters, Sam being a gross money grubbing whale tamer (shocking but always entertaining).

    And then there's Monica. I've read the other reviews, and I really don't think she was being out of character. Giving Danny the car and wanting to 'dress' him was totally in character. She likes to control everything, that's why she was relieved when Ed left because she knew she couldn't control him. The fact that she thought she could control Danny just proved what an unintelligent bimbo she is.

    But the last 30 seconds with her doing a flying nun impression off the balcony?!?!?! What was that all about?

    I just figured it was a gag. That is, until I read the synopsis for the next ep. That's where I thought that maybe someone slipped the writers something in the controlled substance line...

    I love that Dean Cain is coming on board though. I was so disappointed when the season started with that scrawny Monica broad and not Casey as the new owner.

    But I really don't believe the show's jumped the shark just yet.moreless
  • Danny's in charge

    I can't believe all the bad reviews this episode got in this web site! I didn't found it to be boring at all. All I keep thinking was, I wish this show is on cable!!!!! The plot was right, a bit soft, but it was certainly not boring. This show is not a serious show, its entertaining, its funny and a bit sexy. This episode has all that. At first I thought Ed would be running another casino, but it turns out that he's fight back. The only thing, is want to see more of 'Monica' getting stuck in the shower more! All in all, it was an entertaining show, what you always expected from Las Vegas.moreless
  • A bad attempt at humor.

    Story was ok, I didn't mind the comic-like fade to commercials, those were pretty neat. And there were many funny parts.

    The ending, however, was absolutely horrific. I think this is the beginning of the end of this show. Lately they seem to be grasping at story ideas and are giving in to cheap gimmicks.

    We changed commercials after the first few minutes of the flashback show to the 60's. Couldn't stomach watching more of the cheesy plot than that.

    I am kind of glad they got rid of monica, the collagen infused bimbo. The show was really well done the first season and a bit, but is just not up to the quality it used to be.moreless
  • Boring piece of crap. I felt like i was watching a freaking silly cartoon/soap opera crossover. Get Jordan from Crossing Jordan to do an autopsy on Monica to prove how impossible her death is.moreless

    I don't get what this show is supposed to be about, a crime drama? a soap opera? comedy? Writers seem to squeeze story lines which involving a casino there is not going to be many. What's with the guy in a superhero suit thinking he can fly through walls, then the ridiculous look on his face when he hits the wall. Okay for a bugs bunny cartoon, not a serious TV show. Then Monica flying off the roof, where if its so windy why doesn't her dress flap at all until she flies off, neither does her hair. I'd love if they invited Crossing Jordan to do an autopsy on her, to prove how impossible that would be to die like that in real life considering Crossing Jordan/Las Vegas are in same realities since they did crossovers.moreless
James LeSure

James LeSure

Mike Cannon

Josh Duhamel

Josh Duhamel

Danny McCoy

Molly Sims

Molly Sims

Delinda Deline

Nikki Cox

Nikki Cox

Mary Connell

Vanessa Marcil

Vanessa Marcil

Samantha "Sam" Jane Marquez

James Caan (I)

James Caan (I)

Edward "Big Ed" Melvin Deline

Christina Cindrich

Christina Cindrich

Hottie / "Kitty"

Guest Star

Jeff Marchelletta

Jeff Marchelletta

Travis Owens

Guest Star

Doug Spinuzza

Doug Spinuzza

Nat Davis

Guest Star

Dean Cain

Dean Cain

Casey Manning

Recurring Role

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    • Sam: Delinda, these are casino hosts. They are not nice people.
      Delinda: But Sam, you're a.......
      (Sam interrupts abruptly)
      Sam: Exactly!

    • Nat: Play at the Montecito. Stay at the Montecito. There's shopping, and swimming and fine dining too. Montecito's the place to be. The Montecito, hotel and casino, whoa whoa whoa.

    • Myra: You know what, Sam? You may work at the Montecito, but I got news for you. You're still the same hair color out of a bottle, taco eating bitch you always were.
      Sam: Your ass has gotten huge.

    • Delinda: Sam told me you guys used to be best friends.
      Myra: Actually, we were more like sisters. Until she stabbed me in the back and twisted the knife slowly. Then filleted me and poured salt on the open wound as she cut my heart out.
      Delinda: What a pleasant image.

    • (At the funeral)
      Sam: I smell whales.
      Delinda: I smell embalming fluid.

    • Sam: Damnit, where is Mary when I need her? Pull out a breast.
      Delinda: What?
      Sam: We need a diversion. Pull your boob out.
      Delinda: I'm not pulling my boob out.
      Sam: Hey, I just need it to look like it fell out of your dress.
      Delinda: You fall out of your dress!
      Sam: See, I thought you wanted to help.
      Delinda: Well... well... well I do.
      Sam: So let a breast breathe.
      Delinda: No!
      Sam: (reaching for Delinda's dress) Just right here, just...
      Delinda: Don't you dare touch my boobs!

    • Green Phantom: Allow me to introduce myself. I am the Green Phantom.
      Delinda: Actually, your costume's wrong - your mask should be less Batman and more Zorro, your cape is too long, and your boots are all wrong, and hike up your pants. For god sakes, you're supposed to be a super hero.

    • Comic Fan: Excuse me, could we have your autograph?
      Monica: Oh yes, absolutely. Here ya go.
      Comic Fan: Monica Mancuso? We thought you were Mothwoman.

    • Monica: Do I look like Mothwoman?
      Danny: Actually there is quite a resem... No, no

    • (to Danny)
      Sam: Everyone likes Ed better than you.
      Delinda: Yeah

    • Danny: I don't make deals with thieves.
      Hottie / "Kitty": I'll let you pet my kitty.

    • Mary: Well, that's it. That is it. No more poor Mary. From now on, I'm going to be just like you and Sam.
      Delinda: You mean super slutty?
      Mary: Okay, maybe I'll pick two other friends to emulate.

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