Las Vegas

Season 3 Episode 9

Mothwoman (1)

Aired Unknown Nov 21, 2005 on NBC

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  • Loved it! Thought the end was crap though. But it had it's up side. No More Monica!! Yeah!

    I thought this was pretty good episode actually. All the usual stuff, finding and dealing with cheaters, Sam being a gross money grubbing whale tamer (shocking but always entertaining).
    And then there's Monica. I've read the other reviews, and I really don't think she was being out of character. Giving Danny the car and wanting to 'dress' him was totally in character. She likes to control everything, that's why she was relieved when Ed left because she knew she couldn't control him. The fact that she thought she could control Danny just proved what an unintelligent bimbo she is.

    But the last 30 seconds with her doing a flying nun impression off the balcony?!?!?! What was that all about?
    I just figured it was a gag. That is, until I read the synopsis for the next ep. That's where I thought that maybe someone slipped the writers something in the controlled substance line...

    I love that Dean Cain is coming on board though. I was so disappointed when the season started with that scrawny Monica broad and not Casey as the new owner.

    But I really don't believe the show's jumped the shark just yet.