Las Vegas

Season 5 Episode 9

My Uncle's a Gas

Aired Unknown Nov 16, 2007 on NBC

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  • Another great story, that you think isn't going to be one

    I must admit I saw the whole robbing the casino thing coming from the moment I saw the gun. At first I thought oh here we go again, another robbery attempt. But this one was really good and left you hanging at the end with a to be continued. Is this all a dream of Danny's? Is Sam really fired? Is Danny's uncle tied into this? Does Danny know the robbers from the tattoo? Who wins the truck...the homeless guy since his hand was the only one still on it or do they start over with those three remaining people?
    I also have to admit I didn't this would be a two parter and was on the edge of my seat for most of the episode.
    Hopefully Sam isn't fired though, it seems Cooper has been out to get her from day one and I don't think this show can afford to lose any more main characters.
  • Good episode, but writers think we are stupid

    I like the episode, I have a few problems with it.

    One, is everyone deaf? Drilling through concrete is a quite job. I know a casino can be noisy, but come on. When ever you drill through concrete it reverberates through everything. Someone should have heard something.

    Two, Mike went to investigate the truck parked there all day, but got called away. Well that night it was still there, yet no red flags when off, like "Hey that truck has been parked in our loading dock for like 12 hours, should we call the company that owns the server asking what the hell they are doing here all day?". Three, I know compressed gas is well compressed and can expand a lot, the tanks they have could probably fill a good 4-5 bedroom house and still have left over, but this is a giant casino, there is no way those 2 tanks have enough gas to fill the casino to the concentration to knock people out. Also it seems to spread way to fast, this casino is suppose to be the size of a large strip hotel. They have used the Monte Carlo and Mandalay Bay for shots in the early days of production and both are rather sizable, spraying gas on one side of the casino wouldn't reach the other side of the casino let alone fill it to knock people out for many minutes if not longer.

    Overall very good episode and I can't wait to see what happens.
  • The Hotel gets robbed again. and Danny has very werid dreams Samanta gets fired

    When Cooper said that he is writing paychecks and said that Samantha was fired. Since when does the owner of the hotel write paychecks? I work in a hotel in las vegas Paychecks are handled by pay roll departments This happened a few weeks ago but when Cooper had a meeting with the other casino owners was dumb 90% of the casino in las vegas are owned by a corperation. Only a select few less that 10% are owned by one person, people who work in Vegas hotels know this The writers need to pay attention to what they write. T
  • Mike and Danny have a bad feeling about this day and they are right. However Danny is too busy with a fire inspector and someone from his past to suspect that the Montecito, somebody's job and everybody's life is in danger.

    The episode itself was pretty boring, but boy the ending was genius! All I can say is wow. An awesome ending to a not so great episode. Who could expect that a normal, classic LV episode would end is such a cliffhanger? I've said it before. Las Vegas may have classic entertaining episode, but the cliffhangers are extraordinary! Love it, the ending, the music, the way everybody's life is in jeopardy, it's just fan-frakin'-tastic! The way someone's job in the Montecito is put at risk because of something that initially was something funny, the way the entire episode evovled about one stupid contest and just when you think the episode is over, BAM, it hits you in your face for having such little faith in the show. Great ending!
  • As Sam said, this wouldn't happen on Ed's watch.

    Danny's feeling stressed and his uncle who he's not seen for 25 years turns up at the Montecito, Mike's trying to over-see a truck completion, Sam get's into trouble and get's fired from the Montecito, oh and to make matters worse the casino I getting robbed.

    At last the writers are getting back to some old school action with Las Vegas but it makes me wonder if the whole episode and the follow up episode is still a Danny dream.

    Will be interesting to see how it all play's out if the angle is not a dream, can they get away with the money, what will happen with sam, why is Danny's uncle there, who will win the truck.
  • Just an overall great episode - I wish they could all be this good.

    Just an overall great episode - I wish they could all be this good. Quite the twist at the end - if you pause it to check out the tattoo, its not a CIA tat as many people think, but actually a Las Vegas Fire Fighter tat. Check it out. The acting by Danny was a little overdone with his uncle, however, and may have been the only weak point in the episode. Here is an episode that really makes you wonder what will come next - especially with the Sam and AJ Cooper story line. Only two weeks until the next episode